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  • Top 5 restaurants in the Kornati archipelago


    Whether sailing represents a sport or recreation for you, you will definitely find a piece of paradise for yourself in the Kornati Archipelago! But, as you well know, you cannot sail on an empty stomach! That’s why we prepared a brief guide of excellent restaurants in the Kornati area.
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  • National parks in Croatia accessible by boat


    Many people would agree that a sailing vacation in Croatia is definitely a unique experience. Those who come to Croatia for a sailing vacation year after year have already had an opportunity to discover at least a part of this Mediterranean gem.
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  • Spring sailing in Croatia


    With a large number of islands, incredible natural beauty and excellent weather conditions, Croatia has become one of the most popular destinations for holidays in Europe. In addition to its natural beauty, there are many activities you can enjoy and many facilities that can make your vacation unforgettable. One of the most popular activities in Croatia is definitely sailing.
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  • XIX. Regatta Poetovio Cup 2020


    Ready for regatta XIX. Poetovio Cup 2020?
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  • Catamaran cruise to remember


    For SailCity guests summer sailing has now became a tradition and this one will stay in their memories for the rest of their lifes.
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  • Sailing on South Adriatic


    Winter is around the corner, slowly approaching with each day getting colder and colder, but all you do is the sipping out the tea and waiting for a little bit of the sun!
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  • Must visit places in Croatia during the sailing vacation


    Whether you know Croatia so well, or you’ve decided to visit her for the first time, you’ve always wondered which places in Croatia are worth to be seen this year?
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  • XVII. Regatta 2019


    We are proud that we participated in the organization of the 17. Regatta Poetovio Cup, which became one of the largest regattas in Croatia.
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  • The REEL good time – Fishing


    Are you a fishing lover? If you are, than you take both sailing and fishing gear on a sailing trip with you! Hooks, line, sinker, baits, fishing rods...
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  • Winds in Croatia


    Throughout history, sailing has become an art. How it comes? Well, if we start from the real beginnings, we can easily say that people were artists, who by the medium of wind force have set sail with the first sailing boats.
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