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  • Top 10 best sailing blogs to follow


    Some of us may dream of sailing without ever stopping, and plenty of people do just that. Sailing is a lifestyle like no other, and experienced sailors usually can't wait to spend every free moment sailing. Setting sail is something completely different, it is not a hobby but a complete lifestyle full of adventures and memories.
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  • The philosophy behind modern sailing and why people love it 


    Sailing can be called a lot of things, but mainly it is a way of life and can become quite addictive quickly. But what is the philosophy behind sailing, and why do people actually love it so much? 
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  • 5 things about yachts and charters people still believe 


    Throughout history, many general myths and superstitions about sailing life have existed. Today that is no longer the issue, but there are still some things people believe about spending time on yachts and charter companies that are simply not true. 
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  • Experience events and festivals while sailing in Croatia 


    Looking for some exciting events to check out in Croatia? You're in luck – the whole country is home to some amazing festivals that are really worth checking out. Discover the Croatian coast for all that it offers, including its unique festivals that will keep you entertained.
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  • 7 tips to organise perfect family sailing vacation 


    Croatia is a relaxed and easy-going country, unlike some other countries. However, the usual rules still apply: If you want to charter a yacht or sailboat on your own, you must have all the necessary permits, as you know. 
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  • Prvomajsko jadranje


    Sezona jadranja na Hrvaškem ni omejena le na poletne mesece. Spomladansko jadranje je idealno za vse tiste, ki uživate v jadranju brez gneče. Z zelo majhnim proračunom lahko najamete vrhunsko plovilo in vadite svoje jadralne veščine. Ob manjših gnečah v mestih so tudi marine, zalivi in restavracije nezasedene, uživate pa lahko tudi v aktivnostih kot potapljanje in ribolov, saj je v tem letnem času morski svet precej živahen.
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  • Family cruise vacation in Croatia – some general tips


    Turbulent times have dawned and changed the way we perceive everything, including vacations. One thing has quickly become clear: we all want and need to be safe and protected. Especially when we travel with our kids and family. Chartering a yacht is one of the safest ways to spend a family vacation. On a chartered yacht in Croatia, you can safely sail the most beautiful stretches of coastline you have ever seen.
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  • Why Croatia is the best vacation destination for sailors


    Croatia is a well known summer destination to most, sspecially among residents of EU countries, for whom it is easily accessible by car. They choose to spend their summer holidays in Croatia, mainly on its coast.
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  • Yacht Charter Croatia: Guaranteed Social Distancing


    Do you still remember last year and how insecure you felt? The pandemic had just started and we didn't know what to expect. Unfortunately, we cannot say that things are much better a year later. There is still no clear image of an end to this global madness, but one thing is certain. We all have a great desire to relax and spend time in a sunny and peaceful location. Isn't it so? So, what can we do about it, and how can we help you find what you need? Keep reading this post as we bring you some essential information to help you make a better travel decision this year.
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  • Sailing as a form of meditation


    Imagine you are at sea, surrounded by nothing but clear blue sky, a gentle breeze, and crystal-clear sea. Soothing, isn't it? It's moments like these that make sailing so similar to meditation, allowing you to spend some quality time with yourself and enjoy some much-needed peace. But there are other similarities, too. Both activities will require you to find the right balance and then focus on how to maintain it. Both activities also require strength and stamina, both mentally and physically, if you are to be successful. This is why sailing is so good for bringing peace and tranquillity into your life, so go ahead and charter a vessel if you need some quality relaxation. Here's how to make the most of it!
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  • Experience bareboat charter in Croatia


    If you are one of those who love the sea and you are a bit of an adventurous spirit, then you have undoubtedly considered sailing as an option to spend your vacation. Sailing is one of those activities that provide a deep sense of relaxation and connection with nature. In Croatia, as a country with over 1000 islands, sailing is a unique experience. Therefore, if you doubt whether you should spend your vacation on a sailing boat in Croatia, read this blog post and do not think about it anymore; you will surely enjoy this kind of vacation.
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  • Coronavirus information


    Cancellation conditions If borders are open and mandatory quarantine can be avoided by tests, free cancellation is not possible. In the event that the borders close before the start of your rental, partners in Croatia are ready to issue a letter of credit in the amount already paid (credit is valid for the nautical season 2021, some partners also offer credit for 2022). Partners also offer the option of credit if you are placed in mandatory quarantine and cannot take a test to avoid it. If the new term/vessel is more expensive than the originally selected one, you have to pay the difference in price. Credit can be used for a new sailboat rental exclusively within the fleet of the selected charter operator. If the new chosen date is cheaper, some charter operators refund the difference. If you wish to cancel a booking for subjective reasons (for example, fear of infection), cancellation is only possible in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the charter operator.
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  • Benefits of early booking


    When it comes to nautical tourism in Croatia, it's the early bird that gets the worm. Indeed, there are many advantages in early booking in this particular field, not just in the form of a discount. You will be able to plan your trip in greater detail and nail down all the details you really want from your vacation. Not to mention the excitement of knowing that your vacation is all set up and counting the days leading up to it. But let's discuss that and much more in greater detail to know what precisely you can get if you opt for this kind of reservation.
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  • Nautical tourism in Croatia during the coronavirus pandemic


    A year ago, you probably didn't expect things to play out this way. Still, given the global pandemic, which is the whole world in a chokehold right now, it's time to start thinking about how nautical tourism and the coronavirus can coexist. Fortunately, the very nature of this type of tourism makes it very resilient to the current situation. As a matter of fact, one might even argue that it can quite reliably keep you safe.
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  • Top 5 places to visit from Pirovac Marina


    Pirovac is a picturesque small town located 20 km south from Biograd nm. It’s a small, well known fishermen’s village with a protected port, where a beautiful modern marina was built a couple of years ago. Despite being small, the marina is equipped with all the necessary facilities, and you can find a supermarket, pharmacy, bank, ATM, restaurants, as well as many coffee shops, nearby. This means that you can find everything you need in the marina or its vicinity. Shorter check-in time is definitely a great advantage in this marina. But, if it so happens that you must wait until afternoon hours, we recommend you go on a trip to Krka National Park or Vrana Lake, which are both near the marina. If you are still wondering where you should set your sails from the marina in Pirovac, do not worry – we did that part of the job for you. Here is a list of the top five places to include in your sailing route.
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  • One week sailing trip – what to do


    Sailing is always so much fun! No matter the length or type of the boat, the moment you embark you’ll become sea adventurers. Whether you’re on board with kids or friends, spending seven days in a small space like a boat can be quite a challenge. But, when initial enthusiasm disappears, it’s necessary to have planned activities to do on board. And no, we don’t refer only to the period when the kids are on board. Even adults can get bored by constant swimming, sun bathing and chatting. So, here is the list of activities you can do on board during a one-week charter.
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  • Enjoy autumn sailing in Croatia


    If you are a person who does not enjoy the sun scorching your skin, hardly being able to breathe during hot summer days, or do not like summer crowds in marinas or at sea, keep reading – this is the blog for you! The Croatian coast is beautiful throughout the year and is worth a visit even when the summer heat drops slightly. During summer, many tourists leave, and in autumn Croatia becomes an ideal destination for those who enjoy exploring coastal towns, sailing and discovering the beautiful peaceful coves. The sailing season in Croatia runs from April to the end of October, and sailing enthusiasts generally choose September and October for their vacation. In this blog, we’ve tried to find out why, and have gathered the reasons why these periods are the most interesting for true sailors!
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  • Top 5 restaurants in the Kornati archipelago


    Whether sailing represents a sport or recreation for you, you will definitely find a piece of paradise for yourself in the Kornati Archipelago! But, as you well know, you cannot sail on an empty stomach! That’s why we prepared a brief guide of excellent restaurants in the Kornati area.
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  • National parks in Croatia accessible by boat


    Many people would agree that a sailing vacation in Croatia is definitely a unique experience. Those who come to Croatia for a sailing vacation year after year have already had an opportunity to discover at least a part of this Mediterranean gem.
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  • Spring sailing in Croatia


    With a large number of islands, incredible natural beauty and excellent weather conditions, Croatia has become one of the most popular destinations for holidays in Europe. In addition to its natural beauty, there are many activities you can enjoy and many facilities that can make your vacation unforgettable. One of the most popular activities in Croatia is definitely sailing.
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  • XIX. Regatta Poetovio Cup 2020


    Ready for regatta XIX. Poetovio Cup 2020?
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  • Catamaran cruise to remember


    For SailCity guests summer sailing has now became a tradition and this one will stay in their memories for the rest of their lifes.
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  • SailCity guest enjoying the catamaran


    This is our fourth consecutive sailing in Croatia, our popular neighbouring country, which we christened our second home for summer vacations
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