Taking your pets sailing can be a great experience if you plan ahead. It's a wonderful way to bond with your cat or dog. Remember to bring along some essentials to make sure your pet is safe and comfortable, like non-slip bowls, rail nets, and pet life jackets. Yes, they do make life jackets for pets!

Sailing with pets is often seen as a daunting task, but it can actually be a very rewarding adventure. Despite some challenges, it's an experience that can strengthen the bond between you and your pet, creating unforgettable memories on the open water.

Have you ever contemplated the idea of setting sail with your cat or dog as your companion? Envision a scenario where you are navigating the vast open seas, with your faithful pet by your side, experiencing extraordinary adventures and fortifying the profound bond that exists between you.

Sure, there is a bit of preparation involved – pet-proofing your boat, creating cozy nooks for them to relax, and of course, those cute little pet life jackets.
In the initial stages, it is important to allow your pet to acclimate to the rhythmic motion of the boat. Adequate preparation in advance will undoubtedly contribute to a rewarding and enjoyable adventure for both you and your furry companion.

Are you ready to create unforgettable memories with your four-legged companion?


The essentials – don't forget your pet passport



Are you considering dropping anchor in the Adriatic? If you're bringing your furry buddy along, make sure you're prepared.
Pets, like humans, require appropriate documentation for travel, such as a pet passport.

A pet passport in Europe serves as a comprehensive record detailing all of your pet's vaccinations and treatments. In Croatia, it is imperative that your pet is equipped with a microchip and has received the necessary rabies vaccination.

Before embarking on your journey, take a moment to verify thecurrent pet travel regulations. Possessing a pet passport will ensure that unforeseen issues do not impede your adventure.

After all, you surely want a memorable trip for all the right reasons, not for the surprises with paperwork.


Sailing with a cat or a dog: What you need to know



When embarking on a sailing adventure with a pet, it is imperative to establish a secure and comfortable setting for them.

Opt for sailing routes situated away from customary and highly frequented areas, providing an environment where your pet can unwind, engage in activities, or bask in the sun.

The burgeoning population of pets accompanying sailors has prompted the pet industry to introduce numerous advancements aimed at enhancing the comfort and safety of pets aboard boats, even in turbulent sea conditions.

Pet-specific life jackets: These flotation devices are specifically tailored for your pets. Dog and cat life jackets not only offer buoyancy but also feature a back handle for convenient lifting of your pet from the water when necessary.

Nautical leash: Unlike regular leashes, these are crafted to withstand the marine environment. Leashes for sailing are made of durable marine-grade rope and come with rust-resistant clips, ensuring your pet's safety even in salty conditions.

Guardrail net: Protects adventurous pets from slipping through the guardrails. If you need one, get sturdy, UV-resistant netting that is easy to install and provides peace of mind when your pet is on deck. Check with your yacht charter provider; they will surely have the safety rail net available.

Non-slip bowls: These bowls for food and water are designed for use on a boat - they have rubberized bottoms to keep them from sliding around, even when the boat is rocking.

Portable pet toilet: Handy for longer journeys, portable pet toilets are a convenient solution, mimicking a patch of grass and ensuring your pet has a familiar place to relieve themselves. For cats, of course - you can bring their usual litter box.

Cooling or non-slip mats: The yacht's deck can get hot on a sunny day. Cooling mats feature gel technology to provide a cool surface for pets to lie on, ensuring they stay comfortable even in warmer conditions. Non-slip mats can be placed in areas your pet frequents, ensuring they have a good grip and reduce the risk of slipping.

"However, it is not solely a matter of physical safety; the overall well-being of the pet is equally imperative."A pet-friendly first aid kit is not your typical first aid box, although in some ways it may be.

In addition to a regular first-aid kit for dogs, which includes pain relief and anti-inflammatory medications, as well as adhesive first aid tape, you might also want to consider:

Paw balms - to soothe and heal paws that might get chaffed from the salty, rough decks.
Tick and flea treatments - you never know what tiny critters might hop aboard with your pet at a docking point.
Hydration solutions - Make sure to have these solutions within reach in case your pet becomes overly dehydrated. Also, keep an eye out for any signs that your dog may be drinking saltwater when thirsty.


Daily life on deck made easier - life jackets for cats and dogs



Sailing is an exhilarating experience for us, but for our pets, it can be overwhelming due to unfamiliar and intense sensations. Introducing pets to a nautical environment requires patience, particularly if it is their first exposure.

Initially, allowing pets to acclimate to the new surroundings is essential. Over time, they will gradually expand their explorations, overcome their fears, and adapt to life at sea.

While it is commonly perceived that sailing with a dog is uncomplicated due to their natural inclination for constant motion and exploration, it is important to note that dogs, like any pet, can experience seasickness. Therefore, it is imperative to be mindful of their well-being when introducing them to a nautical environment.
Herbal remedies, such as ginger, can serve as a natural remedy for pet nausea. However, it is crucial to seek approval from a veterinarian before introducing any herbal solutions or medications to your pets.

Additionally, it is important to train your pets to avoid being lured by marine attractions. While sailing, pets may be enticed by playful marine animals such as dolphins, posing a potential risk.

When taking pets aboard a yacht, it is essential to provide them with life jackets. Even if pets are proficient swimmers, the unpredictable and potentially treacherous nature of the sea necessitates this precaution.

Unforeseen circumstances can arise, potentially leading to a pet falling overboard.

Tailored specifically to accommodate the unique body shapes of felines, cat life jackets are designed to enable cats to remain buoyant without expending excessive energy.

Premium dog life jackets often feature vibrant colors or reflective strips, enhancing the visibility of dogs in the water, particularly in low-light conditions.
Moreover, a robust handle situated atop the pet life jacket facilitates swift retrieval from the water.

Given that sailing entails traversing open waters and encountering unpredictable conditions, ensuring that pets are equipped with suitable safety gear is of paramount importance.


What to do when things get rough (or meow!)



Embarking on an adventure with your pet can be a rewarding experience, yet it may not always proceed seamlessly.

Even the most composed feline or easygoing canine can encounter uncertainty or distress, particularly in an unfamiliar setting. For instance, your dog may be startled by an unfamiliar sound, or your cat may become alarmed by a new scent. Such unforeseen occurrences can induce anxiety in pets.

When faced with such a situation, it is crucial to be adequately prepared. It is advisable to have the pet's preferred toys or comforting items readily available.
For cats, a small catnip toy or a feather wand can help divert their attention from any discomfort. Similarly, dogs may find solace in a new squeaky toy or a comforting chew bone.

And always remember, your pets may need a little reassurance, a gentle pat, a soothing word, or just some playtime. Show them they're not alone and that you are here for them - together on your sailing adventure.


Some of the most famous pet sailors



Throughout history, there have been countless notable instances of cats and dogs embarking on remarkable sailing journeys and even achieving esteemed ranks within the Navy. Cats, in particular, held great value on ships due to their exceptional aptitude for catching mice and rats.

To illustrate the remarkable seafaring capabilities of cats and dogs, and to showcase their potential to achieve global recognition for their nautical adventures, we proudly present the captivating stories of Bailey and Lila.

Bailey Boat Cat: Bailey is a Siamese cat known for his sailing adventures with his owner aboard their boat in the Mediterranean.
Bailey has become a social media sensation with his distinct blue eyes and proclivity for life at sea. His Instagram account and blog,
Bailey Boat Cat documents his sea-faring escapades and provides insights into a cat's life onboard a boat. Bailey's adventures are also chronicled in a book titled "Bailey Boat Cat: Adventures of a Feline Afloat."

Lila: Lila is a Labrador who became popular for her unique ability to dive and catch lobster with her owner off the coast of Florida.
Videos of Lila's lobster-catching skills have gone viral, and she has a significant following on social media, where her conservation efforts and sea life are documented.