Create unforgettable moments and discover the breathtaking beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. The only tricky part is deciding where to go first.

  • Croatia

    Croatia is one of the world’s top sailing destinations and has an excellent reason for that. There are a lot of things that Croatia can offer you as just one country – beautiful coast with thousands of islands, remarkable cities and natural landscapes and a history harking back far beyond the Romans.

    Embellish your stay with fine wine, typical food and a culinary culture which is so rich and specific in every city and small town, but the only hard part is deciding where to go first.

    Details 3904 boats available
  • Greece

    Greece, often known as the cradle of Western civilisation, is located in southern Europe and shares borders with Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey. It is one of the most popular sailing destinations in the Mediterranean. The mountainous rocky landscape surrounded by pine trees at higher altitudes, the olive-studded coastline, the beautiful sandy and pebbly beaches with turquoise sea, the excellent Greek cuisine and a wide range of water sports are the reasons that convince us to choose Greece as our summer destination. The seas surrounding Greece are the Aegean Sea to the East, the Ionian Sea to the West and the Mediterranean Sea to the South.

    The mountainous and rocky soil, which was difficult to cultivate, made the Greeks excellent sailors who travelled to distant lands. With 13,676 km of coastline, Greece has the longest coastline in the Mediterranean and the 11th longest coastline in the world, with 1,400 unique islands, 227 of which are inhabited.

    Details 2960 boats available
  • Italy

    Italy (nicknamed Bel Paese -; Beautiful Land) is one of the most recognisable countries on maps for its unique boot-shaped coastline. It is the birthplace of western culture and the greatest abundance of historical sites and culture, home to the Roman Catholic Church and a popular culinary hotspot for pizza and pasta.

    Details 1165 boats available
  • Spain

    Spain, a Mediterranean country, is the perfect destination for nautical enthusiasts. The season is long, the sailing conditions are good, and the beaches are beautiful. The country offers many islets and bays, but there is no shortage of nightlife and rich cuisine.
    For experienced sailors looking for a new challenge, the Canary Islands are on offer. The Canary Islands offer slightly more difficult sailing conditions due to their proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and their location. The Balearic Islands, for example, are much less demanding, with plenty of bays, unspoilt nature and inviting beaches. For crews who want to explore the cities, a charter along the mainland coast is recommended, and sailing conditions, this base offers a lot of history, city life and specific cuisine such as paellas and tapas.
    The distances between the islands are slightly longer, so we recommend a longer rental if time permits.

    Details 412 boats available
  • France

    Whether you are attracted by the rugged coastline of the Atlantic, the remote beauty of Corsica or the glamorous beaches of the Mediterranean, France is the perfect destination for a sailing holiday. Historically, France has always been a land of a sailor and is a leading nation in the nautical world.

    Details 190 boats available
  • Turkey

    Turkey is a coastal country with territory in both Europe and Asia. The Anatolian peninsula between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea forms the heart of the country. Turkey will enchant you with its oriental charm, hospitality, and exquisite cuisine.

    Details 772 boats available
  • Malta

    Malta is a popular tourist destination with a lot to offer despite its small size (the island is only 27 km long). Malta is known for its favourable climate, beautiful beaches and rich history. The capital, La Valletta, is full of culture, with over 25 churches and 300 monuments.

    Details 11 boats available
  • Montenegro

    Montenegro enchants with its beautiful coastline, unspoilt nature, and exquisite culinary experiences. Dreamlike beaches and a natural and cultural heritage guarantee a summer holiday to remember. Montenegro enjoys an average of 240 days of sunshine a year.

    Details 30 boats available
  • Slovenia

    The Slovenian Riviera is part of the Istrian peninsula, which is 46.6 km long. It is located near Trieste at the Adriatic Sea. The region includes the cities of Koper, with its medieval centre, Izola, where most of the rental boats are located, and the magnificent town of Piran, full of Venetian gothic architecture.

    Details 44 boats available

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