A year ago, you probably didn't expect things to play out this way. Still, given the global pandemic, which is the whole world in a chokehold right now, it's time to start thinking about how nautical tourism and the coronavirus can coexist.

Fortunately, the very nature of this type of tourism makes it very resilient to the current situation. As a matter of fact, one might even argue that it can quite reliably keep you safe.

We're all listening to the authorities telling us how important social distancing is these days. If there's one way to make sure you are as far away from other people as humanly possible, it's hopping on a boat and just taking off. One thing's for sure - the virus can't get to you there if everybody aboard is healthy.

But that's not all! Given the current situation, nautical tourists could see some amazing and fairly unique opportunities open up in front of them. Going sailing during the pandemic can quickly turn out to be a great move and result in a fantastic experience you won't soon forget!



Why is it safe to sail during the pandemic?

So, sailing during covid, why is it safe? As we said in the first part of this article, you are far away from any contact with other people.

Meaning, provided none of the people aboard is infected with the virus, there is quite literally no way for the germ to get to you, as long as you are out there, of course.

Naturally, you will eventually have to get into some port. Still, another advantage of sailing during covid is that the number of tourists has dropped significantly, which means that no matter where you dock, you can expect much fewer people than usual.
In other words, the risk of contracting the virus is diminished, plus it's much easier to maintain social distance.

Croatia is an excellent example of that - the towns and villages on its coast and islands are arguably even more beautiful now with much fewer people in them. Therefore, covid and nautical tourism in Croatia might allow you to relax and enjoy like never before.

The fresh air, the wonderful nature, the amazing old stone houses, you will be able to experience all of that much more profoundly.



Recommendations for sailors

Regardless of that, a healthy dose of caution is still very much advisable, especially when you dock.
First of all, you will want to check the status of the country or the region from which you're coming to Croatia. Depending on that, you may be required to go to quarantine for two weeks. And since the situation with covid-19 can change fast, you should keep track of the latest info whenever possible.

Should you be required to go to quarantine, the chances are you will NOT be able to spend that time on your boat. You will have to find a place on land for that.

Apart from that, the recommendations for sailors during this coronavirus pandemic are pretty the same as those for people on the mainland, disinfect your surroundings whenever possible, and generally do your best to avoid interacting with other people.

How to disinfect a ship during the pandemic

Speaking of disinfecting your immediate surroundings, you may be wondering what the best way to disinfect a ship.
The virus that's been giving us so much trouble for the last year or so is quite a tricky opponent and can survive for a limited period on various surfaces.

So which substances should you use to disinfect your ship? Well, the best move is to check what the bodies in charge of handling the pandemic (such as the CDC, for example) are saying.

Although you should be careful, some of the approved disinfectants are acids or even bleach, which can damage some of the surfaces on your boat. This is especially the case with fabrics, vinyl, and canvases. You DO NOT want to powerful disinfectants to stay on those materials for long. Therefore, once you're done disinfecting, it would be smart to wash everything to prevent any damage.

Nautical tourism in Croatia during the pandemic

Croatian tourism is pretty much in full swing during July and August and is also one of its primary industries. Because of the coast's natural features, nautical tourism plays a prominent role in all of that.

So, the logical question is: how was Croatian nautical tourism affected by all of this?
First of all, it needs to be said that the Croatian government decided to open the country's borders to tourists fully. In other words, there were no countries that were blacklisted because of the pandemic.

And while the season certainly did take a hit, with fewer rooms booked and fewer visitors overall, Croatia's nautical tourism was much less impacted.

The results at the end of the yacht charter season 2020 were much better than anyone had hoped for, and people from all over Europe were more than happy to come and enjoy the fantastic Adriatic Sea.

Not only that, but the service keeps getting better and better. Some of Croatia's charter company now offers the following innovation: the option to pay the tourist tax for nautical tourists via a multi-language website. That way, you can get things sorted out in a matter of moments.

So, the bottom line is that nautical tourism is one of the safest forms of tourism at this time because it makes sure you cannot come in touch with the coronavirus while on your boat.
Furthermore, your sailing trip could very well be much more enjoyable because of a much lower number of tourists in general.

Nautical tourism in Croatia hasn't changed despite the challenging conditions the whole world is facing. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the pristine sea, fantastic nature, beautiful stone houses, and quaint coastal towns and villages, this is the perfect destination for you.

Why didn't Corona affect nautical tourism?

Compared to other sectors, nautical tourism has had quite a good year, despite the ongoing pandemic. Why? See how things worked out in Croatia!