Do you still remember last year and how insecure you felt? The pandemic had just started and we didn't know what to expect. Unfortunately, we cannot say that things are much better a year later. There is still no clear image of an end to this global madness, but one thing is certain. We all have a great desire to relax and spend time in a sunny and peaceful location. Isn't it so?
So, what can we do about it, and how can we help you find what you need?

Keep reading this post as we bring you some essential information to help you make a better travel decision this year.


Yacht Charter Under the Pandemic Circumstances



Last year's Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the tourism and hospitality sector in Croatia. This year, the situation is still tricky, but some security measures prevent many, tiny companies from a complete disaster. Things are not even close to 2019, but it's at least possible to maintain a business regularity by applying these measures.

Sailing vacation is one of the favourite services people like to use in Croatia. During the last summer, under the pandemic circumstances, the guests were especially interested in yacht charter and sailing boats. Therefore, this aspect of the Croatian tourist offer is one of the biggest strengths of Croatian tourism. Numerous experts researched Croatian tourism during the pandemic, and the results showed that yacht charter was one of the most secure types of tourism.

If the reason for this is not apparent, let us explain.

Yacht charter means freedom of movement and change of location without being in direct contact with other people, as is the case in hotels. So, it isn't hard to conclude why most guests chose sailing vacations for themselves and their families as a preferred type of vacation during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Furthermore, as the Adriatic Sea is one of the most peaceful and transparent sea areas in this part of the world, you can enjoy your summer vacation in your own or rented boat, complying with all the regulations regarding the existing pandemic situation.


Responsible Travel



When it comes to traveling to Croatia, most guests are interested in whether it is safe to travel to Croatia and how long is it necessary to stay in self-isolation. But despite that fact, many guests want to book their perfect summer relaxation. They are also ready to pass through self-isolation to enjoy their sailing vacation from a safe distance.

This year, responsible travel, including yacht charter, is a must! The arrivals require all visitors to comply with all the existing regulations. Masks, disinfectants, and social distancing are necessary to satisfy the criteria during the check-in or check-out procedure in marinas and at the reception of yacht charter companies.

After completing the formalities, you set sail from the marina and are free to enjoy. As a responsible traveller, you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation and be free to explore more than 1000 islands and hidden bays, enjoy the romantic sunsets and feel the light breeze on your cheek while listening to the sound of waves. Or you can dive into the crystal-clear blue sea.
So, would you agree that there is no reason for not booking your yacht charter in Croatia and buying a ticket for a memorable vacation?


Relax and Enjoy



The peace of the sea, mild climate, and many islands and bays make Croatia perfect for your summer vacation. There are numerous possibilities for peaceful, active, or adventure vacation with diverse types of vessels for more extensive and smaller groups.

After all of the above, we can agree that a coronavirus pandemic doesn't have to ruin your plans for a perfect sailing vacation. If you have already booked Croatia as your destination, you don't have to cancel it. The Croatian authorities took strict measures to prevent the spread of the disease, and the results are good!

As the restrictive measures become more flexible, you will have more and more options to use the yacht charter services you prefer. The return of regular airlines will also make things easier for you. So, you can feel free to book your sailing vacation in Croatia.