Family cruise vacation in Croatia – some general tips


Turbulent times have dawned and changed the way we perceive everything, including vacations. One thing has quickly become clear: we all want and need to be safe and protected. Especially when we travel with our kids and family.

Chartering a yacht is one of the safest ways to spend a family vacation. On a chartered yacht in Croatia, you can safely sail the most beautiful stretches of coastline you have ever seen.

A vacation on a boat is the best way to really enjoy and relax. Even people who have never sailed before have recently discovered their appreciation for this experience. How could they not, because sailing is something incomparable.

Sailing is really great for a family vacation because it is the opportunity for adventure and family bonding. The best choice you can make for your family and friends, but also for yourself, is to escape from everything, get on a yacht, and experience life in touch with nature and the power of the Adriatic Sea.

Why do we actually go on vacation? To have fun and try something new or to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. At the same time, we want to see exciting new places and experience new things.

And that's all you need to have a good time and create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.


What to see and where to go – view from the front row


People on sailboat


There are certain places in Croatia that are more suitable for children than others. We cannot say which part of the Croatian coast is best for families – because we are quite sure that all places are suitable. Croatia is generally a safe place to live and vacation. And it's quite private.

The Croatian islands are packed with sights, activities, festivals, and restaurants. Every part of the coast is full of natural wonders, historic and modern buildings that blend perfectly into the landscape, each of them special in its own way.

Croatian coastal towns have everything to offer – and by everything, we do not mean the same as everywhere else. Instead, we mean the beauty and uniqueness, because all places and islands of the Croatian coast are one-of-a-kind.

We are sure that from the bow of your chartered yacht you will have the best view of the most beautiful sights.


Sailing with children


jumping into the sea


Especially with younger children aboard a chartered yacht, make sure your sailing route is not as long as it usually would be. Children have shorter attention spans, and it would be difficult to keep them occupied and entertained indoors for extended periods of time.

Keep in mind that they will not have as much room to jump and run as they are used to, mainly for safety reasons. There are things you simply cannot do on a boat or that are not recommended.

Therefore, it is advisable to plan shorter periods of time for navigation, but only if you have problems with your children's restlessness. If your children are good at navigation or are already experienced sailors, there is no rule about where or when you can sail.


Make sure everything is safe, and don't forget to have fun while sailing to your next destination.


Father and son with the dog on sailboat


What kind of vessel should you charter?


Here we can tell you our humble opinion that the best vessel for you is the one you prefer the most. If you can't decide, here are some of the main differences between the vessels you can charter.

Motorboats are ideal for a small group of people and a cosy experience, as they are usually smaller than sailboats and catamarans. If you want to get to your destination easily and without worrying about the wind direction and strength, a motorboat is ideal for you.

With such a vessel, you just have to start the engine and go, no matter where and when. This is also the main advantage of motorboats: the freedom of having only one type of propulsion. Moreover, you do not need much training to operate a motorboat as a beginner if you want to navigate on your own. But keep in mind that motorboats generate a certain amount of noise with their engines.

If you find one type of propulsion restrictive, then a sailboat is the best choice for you. A sailboat usually offers less space than a motorboat, but of course, all this depends on the size of the vessel.

Also, you need to have some experience with sailing, but if you don't have it, you can be sure that your yacht charter company has excellent skippers. They will make sure that you have a smooth sailing holiday, and they can even provide a small sailing training for you and your crew.

If you are a sailing enthusiast and don't need someone else to spread your sails then you know what we are talking about. On a sailboat, you are not limited by such mundane things as refuelling your engines regularly, but one drawback is also that you are usually dependent on the wind and its strength and direction.

Catamarans offer more stability and overall more space for everyday activities, especially sleeping. With their twin hulls as opposed to monohull sailboats and motorboats, catamarans are considered the safest vessels you can charter.

They are also considered faster because they have two hulls and sail more easily because they are more stable. Catamarans are usually considered easy to manoeuvre, but they require more space to dock, which you should also consider. Two hulls provide more beds and more galley space. And since the sails are in the middle of the boat, there is a space between the hulls connected with a net. And this is the perfect place to enjoy the day relaxing and sunbathing.




Make a plan and stick to it – or just throw the plan overboard


With the bareboat charter, you are your own captain and there are no restrictions on your next destination. And if you have chosen Croatia for your family vacation, there is no better place to

discover plenty of islands, bays, and coastal towns. If the Croatian region has something in abundance, it is islands.

On the other hand, if you are one of those people who anchor their chartered yacht in a secluded bay and make the most of it by not moving an inch, we say: Good for you! Your vacation – your choice.

Our part in this story is just to provide you with all the necessary information and with the best boat and service for your family cruise vacation in Croatia.