Some of us may dream of sailing without ever stopping, and plenty of people do just that. Sailing is a lifestyle like no other, and experienced sailors usually can't wait to spend every free moment sailing. Setting sail is something completely different, it is not a hobby but a complete lifestyle full of adventures and memories.

The people on our list have traded their office jobs, minivans, and walk-in closets for a life of sailing, sleepless nights, maintenance issues, and high winds. And they would not trade it for anything else.
Sailing was their passion, and they managed to make their dreams come true, even if they didn't know it at first. But they proved that sailing is a lifestyle you cannot give up, because it's addictive. In the best way, of course.
When these people bought their first sailboat or catamaran, it's usually not hard to guess why. Some of them acted impulsively, others carefully planned their new lifestyle. Sailing requires certain skills, but it also allows you to rely on the power of the wind and gives you complete freedom.
Remember that these people live a completely different, minimalist lifestyle, with few personal items that can be stowed away in just a few boxes. They have realised that they don't need much, but they need memories and adventures far from urban centres.
You can follow these sailing enthusiasts on social media, read their blogs or watch videos of their adventures on YouTube. Some of them have their own sailing merchandise, and you can sponsor their adventures or even sail with them.
We bring you ten selected blogs, in no particular order, that will inspire you and make you love sailing even if you have no interest in circumnavigation.

1. Trio Travels – a family that loves sailing

Trio Travels is a family of three who have turned their love of sailing into a fulfilling life of inspiring others.
Their story began with a holiday cruise on a yacht, and soon they were "hooked", as they say, and the rest is history.
Today they live and sail on a refitted catamaran, the open sea is their living room, and there is no place they haven't visited, especially in the Caribbean and Central America.
They describe their life as worth living, and their spirit of adventure is contagious.
Life is for living, says this sailing family, and you can book a sailing trip with them to learn sailing first-hand, so to speak. The Trio Travels family calls it a lifestyle trial, and you can find out whether or not this way of life suits you.
Visit their website to learn more about their adventures.

2. Project Atticus – a sailing project that is constantly growing

The two sailing enthusiasts behind Project Atticus met while working on a superyacht. He had a dream, she went for it, and now their life is a never-ending story of adventure and discovery.
They started their story by buying and refitting a cheap yacht, which took some time. Today they fund their lifestyle through freelance gigs and apply the skills they learned while rebuilding their vessel.
Now they are very busy with their projects on their second yacht. Their main plan is to live off-grid while sailing by installing solar panels aboard their yacht. They also plan to cross the Atlantic Ocean and become self-sufficient while sailing. The couple also regularly posts videos on YouTube and on social media.
To learn more about their upcoming plans, visit their website.

3. MJ Sailing says - make your own normal

Matt and Jessica of the MJ Sailing have abandoned the normal norm of a life of white picket fence and all that it includes and traded it in for life as sailors. Their lifestyle was filled with various hobbies and many adventures, but the sea called to them. One thing led to another, and now they are living their lives to the fullest.
After some careful planning, they found the yacht that met their needs, and in a short time, they decided to sail permanently.
They say they want to explore the world while it's still large, and that's exactly what they did, sailing across the Atlantic twice and sailing to the Arctic.
Today the couple behind MJ Sailing are busy rebuilding their catamaran, and you can follow their adventures on YouTube and on their website.

4. Sailing Totem – follow your dreams to live the life you want

Two sailing enthusiasts, already in love with sailing, fell in love with each other and dreamed of leaving everyday responsibilities behind and setting sail for good. Thus, Sailing Totem became the lifestyle of this family, which is living their best life.
Today they are a family of five and want to inspire others. They are raising their children while sailing, making them a special kind of people who will produce a very different next generation.
Sailing Totem is one of the examples of how you can make your life magical by living your dream. They also give coaching on how to live a satisfying life while sailing, how to prepare, and what to avoid.
Their website and blogs are full of advice on making sailing and everyday life on a yacht easier.

5. Sailing Uma – where fate had other plans

When the couple behind the Sailing Uma met, they quickly realised that they were not the kind of people who would have a mortgage or even a couch. It meant something fixed and permanent for them, and they didn't see that as their choice.
Two people from two completely different backgrounds found they had the same views about the world and what their lives should look like. So, naturally, they decided to buy a boat.
After buying a sailboat named Uma, they thought it was their destiny to see as much of the world as they could.
They also decided to get rid of the diesel engine and replace it with a clean, silent electric motor.
The crew of the Uma is currently in the Arctic to test their limits. However, with 27 countries visited so far, they have no plans to end their sailing lifestyle anytime soon.
You can follow their adventures and learn more about their explorations on their website.

6. Sailing La Vagabonde – sailing is a bit like falling in love

It's important to have a goal, a dream, a desire – call it what you will, but Riley and Elayna had one. Their sailing lifestyle became popular because many people wanted to know how a young couple managed to get by.
Sailing La Vagabonde is one of the most popular sailing blogs in the world, with the most followers on YouTube.
Imagine a young man coming to Italy after working on oil rigs for years, and then deciding to buy a yacht.
Well, yes, but a rather important piece of information is that he had no idea about sailing – none at all.
Now he sails with his family, and you can follow their adventures on their website.

7. Sailing Zatara – sail away and have a life you want

At some point, this family realised they were unhappy. After 20 years in the corporate world and with four children, they decided they needed a change – and a fundamental one at that.
Now this family of 6 living on a catamaran is a true picture of anything but ordinary.
The children were home-schooled and are now almost adults – that is how long this family has spent sailing.
If you want to sail alone or with your family, the crew of Sailing Zatara will be happy to give you advice on where to start or what difficulties lie in your path and how to deal with them.
You can become a member of one of their groups of sailors, who support each other and can teach you about what's new in the world of sailing.

8. Sailing Ruby Rose – fulfilling a dream in life

Sometimes all it takes for your life to take a completely different turn is meeting someone with similar beliefs to yours.
That's what happened to Nick and Terysa. After meeting, they realised they wanted to change their lives completely, and decided to travel and enjoy as many countries as possible.
They also turned their love of sailing into a lifestyle that, while far from chartering a yacht and going on a sailing vacation with the family, is similar enough.
The Ruby Rose crew is currently busy building their new catamaran Ruby Rose 2, and you can learn all about them on their website.

9. Gone with the Wynns – a modern sailing tale

A photographer and a makeup artist find something missing from their mundane city life and decide to escape. It sounds like the perfect beginning to a wonderful story, but in reality, this is actually a story about people who love sailing so much that they give up their previous lives.
Jason and Nikky Wynn decided to try a minimalist lifestyle and initially bought an RV and tried life on the road. The year of driving around didn't satisfy them, and they realised that sailing was made for them.
They said the version of traditional dream life is not their dream – they wanted to travel and explore, and if people call them weird because of that, they don't care at all. All because they are finally happy.
Their blog is full of their adventures, as well as tips on how to make money while sailing – because even though it is wind-powered, the sailing lifestyle is not free. Check out the Wynns and their slightly different lifestyle on their website.

10. SV Delos – one goal is to sail around the world

SV Delos was founded by people who also turned away from the daily work routine and decided to travel and see the world, have new experiences, and ... You can see a pattern here.
They say that they found a boat and that it was like fate –they just knew that this kind of life was made for them.
Their original plan wasn't to have one of the most successful blogs and video channels, but they started with the desire to document their adventures.
Now SV Delos has almost 400 videos on YouTube, ranging from funny to educational.
You can also become part of their story as a member of the Delos crew and stay with them to "earn your bread" but, most importantly, to sail and have a great adventure. The Delos is also a self-sufficient sailing vessel that can travel for months without ever docking.
Learn all about the Delos crew and what kind of life it can be on their website.

Each of these sailing enthusiasts is similar in some ways but has a very different story. Their approach to life is similar, freedom is imperial, and the wind is essential.
To sail and explore and even raise their children is their way of life; they see it as the most fulfilling. But their life is something they chose because they wanted to take control of their destiny to travel, sail, and to blog.