Terms and conditions of sale

The Terms and conditions of sale for the service of accommodation of the guests on vessels via website www.sailcity.com.

The Terms and conditions of sale that apply to the services cited on the website www.sailcity.com are available from this website.

1.1. SailCity provides the service of accommodation of guests on the vessel through the Internet. SailCity is the trademark of the company SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. for services and tourism, Kicar 4 d, 2250, Ptuj, Republic of Slovenia; registration number: 6509312000; E-mail address: info@sailcity.com.

1.2. A customer is a natural person or legal entity represented by an authorized individual who accepts, in its entirety, and concludes the Agreement on accommodation of guests on vessels (Hereinafter: the Agreement) via website www.sailcity.com. Natural persons aged under eighteen (18) are not accepted as parties to the Agreement, and not accepted as Customers. The Customer declares, under her/his full material and criminal responsibility that she/he is over eighteen or that it he/she is the individual authorized to represent the legal entity. Furthermore, the Customer declares under full material and criminal responsibility that she/he is legally empowered to complete the Booking Form in her/his own name or in the name of any agent, representative or legal entity and acknowledges that acceptance shall imply being bound by content of the Agreement and the Terms and Conditions of sale issued by the owner of the vessel or the natural person or legal entity authorized to represent the owner of the vessel.

1.3. The Partner is a natural person or legal entity that owns the vessel offered through SailCity, or a natural person or legal entity authorized to represent the owner of the vessel.

1.4. The agreed price is the final price that the Customer is required to pay and is the essential condition of the conclusion of the Contract with the Partner.



Through the website, SailCity provides an online platform through which the Partner can advertise the vessels that are in compliance with the applicable regulations of the Republic of Slovenia for nautical tourism services, and that are free and available for reservation, and Customers (visitors to the website) can make such a reservation freely and at any time. By making a reservation through SailCity.com, the Customer enters into a direct (legally binding) contractual relation with the owner of the vessel for which she/he makes a reservation. From the moment of reservation, SailCity acts solely as an intermediary between the Customer and the owner of the vessel (the Partner), transmitting the relevant details of the reservation, in its entirety, to the Partner, and sending the Customer a confirmation e-mail for, and on behalf of, the Partner, and other documentation necessary for the fulfilment of the Contract.

The information that SailCity discloses on its website is based on the information provided directly or indirectly by the Partner. As such, the Partner is fully responsible for the availability of vessels and all the other data displayed on our website. SailCity exercises its best professional effort and skill in providing services, but can not verify nor guarantee that all the information on the website is accurate, complete and correct, nor is SailCity liable for any errors, including obvious and spelling errors, inaccurate, false or misleading information, of for not updating the data.

Through the website, SailCity offers its Customers assistance in concluding insurance from the termination of the reservation of vessels (journey) with a highly-rated insurance company pursuant to their General Terms of security.

Our website is not and can not be considered as a recommendation or confirmation of the quality, service level or classification of any disposable vessel or person offering a vessel.

Upon the execution of a certain vessel reservation through our website, you will be provided via e-mail with a formal Agreement on the accommodation of guests on the vessel, which regulates the legal relationship between the Customer and the Partner.



OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS FREE OF CHARGE WITHOUT EXECEPTIONS. Unlike many others, SailCity will not charge you for its services or add any additional (reservation) fees to the rental cost of the vessel.

SailCity is authorised to process all payment services through its secure server in the name of, and on the behalf of, the Partner, and will transfer the money directly to the Partner pursuant to the provisions of the Agreement on business cooperation with the Partner.

SailCity provides you with the lowest possible price for accommodation on the vessel at any point. If you find a vessel of the same registration and rank at a lower price than the price made upon reservation, we will refund you the difference between our price and the lower price, pursuant to the Rules on the lowest price guarantee.

All the prices on the website sailcity.com are expressed for the service of accommodation on vessels and include VAT and all the other taxes unless otherwise stated on our website or on the booking confirmation e-mail.  

In the event of old price being subject to discount, we take into account the current price.



Payment via the website www.sailcity.com is safe.

Payment can be executed by:

- Credit card (online payment)
- Internet banking
- Payment order

On our website, you can find information on the type of credit card usage.

In the event that the Customer selects internet banking payment, it is considered to be executed at the time of the transfer of funds to the account of the company SailCity, yacht charter Ltd for the services and tourism, and the reservation is confirmed at that moment. If the vessel is booked and paid for by another Customer prior to the transfer of funds to the account of SailCity, yacht charter Ltd., the company shall refund the entire amount within 48 hours or seek another offer with the same or similar characteristics, at the Customer’s request.



If the reservation cancellation refund is approved by SailCity, the refund of the already paid amount will be returned to the Customer by the used means of payment:

- Credit card; directly on the credit card from which the payment was made
- Debit card; directly on the debit card from which the payment was made
- Internet banking; directly on the Bank account from which the payment was made
- Payment order:

  • If the payment order was made without the payer's designated account, the Customer is obliged to provide Information about the bank account on which the refund will be made.
  • If the payment order was made with the payer's designated account, the refund would be made directly on that account


All refunds will be made within the period of 10 business days.



SailCity has the obligation to transmit the Partner, within the shortest possible time, all the relevant information on each reservation as indicated in the Booking Form

Pursuant to the Partner’s authorisation, SailCity performs billing of the contracted price from the Customer for additional days of accommodation of guests on the vessel. SailCity receives the agreed price from the Customer in his name, but on the behalf of the Partner that provides services of accommodation of guests on vessels. SailCity executes the payment of the received contracted price to the Partner in a manner and according to the terms specified by the Agreement on the business cooperation executed with each Partner.

SailCity provides the Customer with confirmation of the reservation, including all services contracted, immediately upon receipt of the agreed price pursuant to the conditions stated on the website. A confirmatory voucher is also sent to the email address provided by the Customer for this purpose during the reservation service procedure within 48 hours of the receipt of the agreed price.

The Customer undertakes sole responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information requested in the Booking Form, and shall be responsible for the timely update of submitted/entered data. The Customer expressly undertakes to provide the Partner with all the relevant information required for the conclusion and fulfilment of the contractual obligations.

The Customer is also solely responsible for full payment for the services contracted pursuant to the procedure cited on the website, respecting the clearly specified deadlines and the amount of each instalment.



Upon the reservation of the accommodation on the certain vessel, you agree to the relevant provisions in regard to the cancellation of the reservation and no-show policy, and to any additional terms and conditions (of the service providing) of the Partner that may also apply to your reservation or could be applied to your reservation during your stay. The general terms of business activity of the Partner in regard to cancellation and no-show are delivered to you via e-mail together with the reservation confirmation.

Please note that certain rates or special offers are not eligible for cancellation or change.

To review, alter or cancel the reservation, the instructions can be found in the reservation confirmation e-mail.  Please note that you could be charged a fee for a cancellation pursuant to the provisions of the Partner regulating the cancellation of the reservation and no-show. We kindly suggest you read the regulations (General terms of business activity) of the Partner regarding the cancellation of reservations and no-show.

The cancellation policy does not apply to reservations made within a period of less than 30 days from the day of the agreed taking over of the vessel and departure.

SailCity is entitled to cancel the reservation free of charge within 48 hours from when the reservation was made, together with the refund of the entire amount paid without charging any fees or penalty, including the settlement of the entire costs of the money refund.


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