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The company SailCity, yacht charter Ltd., seated in Ptuj, provides interactive services through the website www.sailcity.com involving the provision of information and content management, organisation and intermediation for the sale of guest accommodation services on vessels.

The user (buyer) is obliged to provide authentic and complete contact data when using the website www.sailcity.com.

Usage of the website www.sailcity.com assumes implies that the user agrees that all the communication and interaction undertaken through the website is in accordance with the Terms of Use.


SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. is the exclusive owner of the entire conceptual content of the website www.sailcity.com under copyright law.

Every abuse of the copyright law and other related laws through the unauthorized distribution, copying and transfer of data without the written confirmation of the copyright law holder is explicitly and absolutely forbidden.

Any violation of this law represents a misdemeanour in the sense of the Copyright and Related Rights Act (O.G. Nos. 167/03 and 79/07).

The user of the www.sailcity.com website may download, print and store materials protected by copyright law without the owner’s prior written consent only for his/her own personal use. All trademarks appearing on the site www.sailcity.com are the property of their respective holders. All violations of the rights granted by copyright law regarding trademarks are strictly prohibited. Trademarks provide their owner the exclusive right to put the marked services on the market.

The term "web portal" pertains to all websites that appear within the registered domain of sailcity.com.


Access and usage of the website www.sailcity.com implies that the user is fully aware of and consents to the terms and conditions of use (except for the initial reading of the Terms) and that he is also aware and consents with the Statement on Data Confidentiality.

SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. reserves the right to change or modify the Terms of Use of this site at any time without prior written notice.

Changes take effect at the time of their publication on the portal. The user is required to read the rules and conditions on a regular basis so as to be familiar with them. The act of accessing the site www.sailcity.com considers that the user is familiar with the Terms of Use.

The Terms of Use set out the rules concerning the usage of the website www.sailcity.com by users and visitors of the site.


Each user is required to take care of his/her computer equipment, including used and personal hardware and software. SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. is not responsible for any damage to any part of computer equipment that may result as a consequence of using the website www.sailcity.com usage.

By accepting these terms, each user allows the usage and analysis of collected data for the purpose of e-mail notification. The website www.sailcity.com agrees to use this information only for the purposes for which they were obtained from the ultimate user.


SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. specifically prohibits the publication (posting) of illegal or immoral material or material which threatens or violates in any way the relevant legal acts of the Republic of Slovenia. The owner of the website is authorized to remove such content without prior notice and explanation. The owner of the website is also authorized to claim reparation from persons posting such content.

SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. has no editorial control over the part of the website content created by users. All offers, expressed opinions, advertisements and other informational content derive from users, not from SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. For this reason, the company SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. cannot guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness or usefulness of any content, nor its potential use for any particular purpose.

Each user undertakes not to publish, exchange or make available in any other way any material on the website www.sailcity.com that is a subject of ownership protection or copyright and related rights, without the explicit consent of the holder of those rights. Each user is responsible for any damage arising as a result of a breach of this obligation. SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. does not assume any responsibility in such cases.


SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. emphasizes that all information contained in the advertisements, messages, text, photographs and other materials displayed on the website are the exclusive responsibility of the user (partner) from which such content originated.

SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. makes no guarantees regarding the truthfulness, completeness and accuracy of the content of such materials. By accessing the website, each partner or ultimate user irrevocably undertakes to reimburse any pecuniary or non-pecuniary damage which the owner of the website www.sailcity.com suffered and which it incurred as a result of other users or third parties due to submitted and published material.

The user unconditionally declares that he/she will not hold SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. and its sales agents liable for restitution of any damages, including legal costs, which could result from the website www.sailcity.com usage, except in the case of deliberate abuse of the site by the website owner.

This statement of responsibility applies to all types of damage caused by poor website quality and Internet connections, errors, interruptions, defects, delays in operation, computer viruses, theft, destruction, unauthorized access, hacking, contractual breaches, negligence or any other action.

SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. does not guarantee its users and partners that usage and exploitation of the website www.sailcity.com will not be interrupted due to malfunctions in communications lines, failures, computer viruses, unauthorized access or misuse of data by third parties, improper action or any other action or failure to perform actions. SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. does not assume responsibility for any suffered damage.

Partners and users agree to receive periodic e-mails from the website's publisher in order to promote future activities and actions with the aim goal of providing improved quality and better service. Partners and customers also agree that the e-mails may contain advertising content. The partner agrees and authorizes the company SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. to use the content posted by users of other media for the purpose of publishing and marketing the company's own site. 

SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. is not responsible for any eventual loss to the ultimate user or partner arising from their reliance on the information available on the site.

Any disputes which might arise between users (partners and ultimate customers) of the website www.sailcity.com will be settled directly and solely between the users. SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. is not responsible and does not assume liability for damage of any kind incurred as a result of any such relationships.


SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. also reserves the right to delete offers which violate copyright and/or other intellectual property rights. The following are pohibited: discriminatory abusive, and slanderous offers, those contrary to good business practices or the usual rules of morality in business, or those that imply a stolen or illegal ship (goods) or damage the site’s reputation as a quality provider.

Advertisements placed by the partner must contain information regarding the service that is being sold, and other data according to the settings of the website. Offers that include photos of vessels must depict only the actual vessels being offered to guests.

In order to ensure top professional conditions and site content quality, SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. reserves the right to edit, change, delete or not publish any advertisements that do not comply with the aforementioned criteria.

SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. unconditionally reserves the right to perform supervision of the content of the website www.sailcity.com (continuously or periodically) to ensure full compliance with these Terms of Use by all participants. SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. also reserves the right (without prior written or verbal notice and according to its own discretionary evaluation) to remove all material and cancel registered accounts which are not in accordance with the Terms of Use.


It is deemed that the user agrees that SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. use the information (taken from messages, comments or any other information on the site) for the purpose of performing market research and promotion of its services.

The invalidity of some of the conditions if deemed as such by a court or other competent authority will not affect the validity and legality of the remaining conditions of these Terms of Use.

If certain conditions are deemed invalid, SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. reserves the right to replace the invalid provisions with new ones which correspond to the purpose and sense of the replaced provisions.

Each user shall resolve all disputes arising from his/her relationship with SailCity, yacht charter Ltd. extra-judicially within sixty days. If a dispute cannot be resolved, the dispute will be resolved by the competent court in Ptuj, using Slovenian law.  

Access to the website implies that each user has read and understood these Terms of Use in their entirety and that he/she fully and unconditionally agrees with them.


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