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  • Jedna jedrilica, jedan život, mnogo vremena


    Konferencijski poziv na putu u Zadar

    U petak sam namjeravao samo svratiti do ureda u Zadru do jedanaest sati najkasnije da preuzmem Bavaria 40, kruzer jedrenjak sa nevjerovatnim sposobnostima za regatu.

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  • Always "a tad different"


    Sea pub

    Monika had an idea to go sailing. I don’t know where the idea originated though: from a glass of Martini, she had consumed or perhaps the painting of dolphins on the wall of our favourite pub? All of us jumped at the idea (sure glad we have a skipper - Tim J). A search on the net with our "smart" phones commenced. Everything was arranged in a few minutes. David found the SAIL CITY site and upon brief consideration, asked: "So for which vessel should I make a reservation?"

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  • A seaside house


    A promise is a promise

    My daughters, Lena and Laura, were impatiently anticipating the morning, not being able to sleep, as their dad had promised to hire a house right by the sea this year. We departed no earlier than at the end of September (mind you this is an exceptional time for sailing) and my daughters could not hide their added joy of not having to attend kindergarten during this time.
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  • Carpe diem


    Instead of the couch, go sailing

    Off duty (day off)! Why not use the prolonged weekend for sailing instead of just sitting on the couch? After reviewing the post-season prices, no doubts remained.
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