When it comes to nautical tourism in Croatia, it's the early bird that gets the worm. Indeed, there are many advantages in early booking in this particular field, not just in the form of a discount. You will be able to plan your trip in greater detail and nail down all the details you really want from your vacation.

Not to mention the excitement of knowing that your vacation is all set up and counting the days leading up to it.

But let's discuss that and much more in greater detail to know what precisely you can get if you opt for this kind of reservation.


1. Early booking discounts



Obviously, the first and for many, the most important advantage of early booking is the discount you get with it.

Boat charter companies appreciate a great deal when they know in advance who is coming to spend their holidays with them, so they entice people to book in advance. In some cases, the discount can be as big as 30%!

Keep in mind that a fair number of clients book their charters one year in advance when it comes to peak season, so try to act as quickly as possible.

However, there are many more booking benefits apart from just the discount


2. A wider choice of yachts



When planning a holiday like this, the type of boat you book plays a significant role. If you're not happy with the boat you got, the enjoyment simply won't be complete.

This is why you want to avoid last-minute charters as the number of choices will be drastically reduced.

Early booking means that most, if not all available boats are free, so you can pick exactly the one you like best. What does your boat need to have? Is something like a yacht platform a must for you? Which gadgets do you want on your cruise?

Not getting exactly what you want sometimes brings a sting of disappointment with it, and that's something you certainly don't need. Book in advance to avoid it!


3. Choose the date you want



In addition to a wide variety of available boats, booking in advance means you will get to choose the perfect date for your trip, too

This is especially important if you're planning to go on a vacation in the high season, somewhere in July or August. In Croatia, the number of tourists swells dramatically during that period, and everything becomes much harder to book, yachts included.

That's another reason why last-minute boating holidays can be challenging to pull off.

By booking early, you will have plenty of options to choose the perfect time for sailing. This way, you are not adapting to the available dates, but the dates are adjusting to your wishes, making planning the whole thing a lot easier.

And if you have a special occasion such as a birthday or an anniversary during which you want to be on the boat, early booking can be a lifesaver.


4. There's more time to prepare



Yes, this kind of trip has to be carefully planned. And by that, we don't mean just choosing the right date or the right boat.

If you know WHERE you'd like to go, it becomes much easier to plan things efficiently. Finding a place in a marina where you could spend the night will be much easier if done in advance, and this opens up so many excellent opportunities for you.

Securing a berth in the marina of your choice means that you can combine sailing and sightseeing for the ultimate vacation experience. You will be able to plan which places you want to visit, which restaurants you want to eat in, and so much more.

Wouldn't it be romantic to go for a lovely walk along the coast of one of Croatia's many islands in the evening once you secure your boat? It's these kinds of things that make coming here so memorable.


5. Cheaper flights



Cheaper flights are often overlooked as an advantage of early booking, but if you're flying to the destination where you will get aboard your boat, you can save quite a lot this way.

The earlier you purchase your plane ticket, the better your price will be, and some data suggests that you can get the best deals if you make the purchase approximately two months in advance.

For longer trips, this timeframe can go up to several months.

Plane tickets become significantly more expensive in the last two weeks before your flight, which is another last-minute risk charters carry. Book in advance and spare yourself any unnecessary expenses.




As you can see, the benefits of early booking are quite numerous. Simply put, you have so many more options to plan out the perfect vacation for you and your loved ones.

And it could all cost you significantly less.

You will be able to book the perfect boat, choose precisely the dates that suit you best, and find berths in places you want to visit the most. Isn't that what a great vacation is all about?

But perhaps most importantly, early booking gives you plenty of time to inform yourself on absolutely everything you need to know, no matter if you want to learn more about the locations you're visiting or the documents you need when coming over.