Sailing is always so much fun! No matter the length or type of the boat, the moment you embark you'll become sea adventurers. Whether you're on board with kids or friends, spending seven days in a small space like a boat can be quite a challenge. But, when initial enthusiasm disappears, it's necessary to have planned activities to do on board. And no, we don't refer only to the period when the kids are on board. Even adults can get bored by constant swimming, sun bathing and chatting. So, here is the list of activities you can do on board during a one-week charter.


1. Sun, sea and ... a good book!



A book is definitely one of the things you should remember to bring with you, no matter if you are a real bookworm or not. Sun and sea, and a good book – what could be better? As tastes differ, you should read something that suits you, so choose the content you fancy the most. That's why we can not recommend 'a good book'. Whether you take an adventure novel, sci-fi, or a biography with you, we believe it will fulfil your vacation. You will always have enough time to read a few lines – while drinking coffee, during an afternoon's rest, while sun bathing or before you go to bed. Relaxation perfection!

2. Workouts – yoga, morning jogging, sailing

There are two types of people on vacation when it comes to exercising. Those who continue with their workout routines even though they are on vacation, and those who simply want to swim and sunbathe. Whichever type you are, we recommend you do your morning stretches and some kind of activity. Although sailing itself is a sport, and you will definitely get tired by trying to catch the wind in your sails, vacation is the perfect time to also do some other activities. Whether you choose to go for a run, fast walk, do yoga or some other form of a workout, during your vacation you'll stay in shape and feel good every day.


3. Fishing

Whether you're a passionate fisherman or not, when you go on a sailing vacation with your kids, you must have fishing equipment with you on board. For kids and adults alike, fishing represents a real break from reality, an exclusive Zen zone, but it can easily turn into a small competition. But you will only find out who will catch the bigger fish or more of them if you bring your fishing equipment.

4. Visit national or nature parks

Discover Croatia through its beautiful (and protected) areas, and enjoy all its breath-taking natural wonders. A part of Croatia that you definitely must see are the areas of its national and nature parks. Our recommendation for places you should visit during your sailing vacation includes parks that are either in or nearby the sea, such as Kornati National Park, Krka National Park, Mljet National Park, Telašćica Nature Park and Lastovo Islands Nature Park. You can find more information about destinations listed above here.


5. Knots and sailing skills

How to entertain kids (and adults)? Let them learn something new. There are many different knots you can show your kids, and when they practice how to do them properly, they can help on board. Besides, they will develop their skills. Let them participate in sailing, show them some tricks and raise a new sailing generation. Each morning, give them tasks and roles during your sailing time, teach them how to respect the captain (authority) and participate in teamwork. When it comes to adults, there's always someone who is more knowledgeable or knows a particular sailing technique, so let them show you, so that you can learn something new.


6. Social games – entertainment for both kids and adults

There are other reasons for gathering your crew at the table should than just tasty food. Gather your crew and play social games, have fun and laugh out loud. While planning your vacation, decide which games you would like to play or check them out before you go, so that you avoid the misfortune of losing your dice or playing figurines once you are on board. There are so many social games, pick what you like the most – cards, Scrabble, Pictionary, Risk etc.


7. Competitions – SUP race, swimming, diving

Each activity can become a competition or a bet. During a child's physical and mental growth, it is crucial to develop fair play and a competitive spirit, as well as to teach them how to handle defeat. During your sailing, organise swimming competitions, SUP races, diving competitions or games where you're trying to keep the ball in the air, without hitting the water. The most important thing is to teach and promote a positive sports atmosphere and fair play! Of course, don't forget to reward winners!

The most important thing, after all, is to keep in mind that general atmosphere on board, the mood of your crew and ultimately your vacation depends on the group of people you are with. Therefore, choose your team wisely because you will spend seven (or more) days on board with them. Be tolerant and patient, and all the positive energy will wait for you on the boat.

Planning is the key part of having fun, so prepare and think of a few activities before you start your sailing adventure. Don't forget to bring only good vibes!