If you are a person who does not enjoy the sun scorching your skin, hardly being able to breathe during hot summer days, or do not like summer crowds in marinas or at sea, keep reading – this is the blog for you!

The Croatian coast is beautiful throughout the year and is worth a visit even when the summer heat drops slightly. During summer, many tourists leave, and in autumn Croatia becomes an ideal destination for those who enjoy exploring coastal towns, sailing and discovering the beautiful peaceful coves. The sailing season in Croatia runs from April to the end of October, and sailing enthusiasts generally choose September and October for their vacation. In this blog, we've tried to find out why, and have gathered the reasons why these periods are the most interesting for true sailors!




The period of summer heat and humidity is followed by a period of pleasant and warm weather. Fortunately, the sailing season is not yet over. The temperatures are mild, with an average of 25–30°C, but it is easier to breathe, there is no humidity, and there are more windy days in general. Autumn winds are more stable and typically blow with a steady speed, which is ideal for sailing. Due to the excellent weather, all true sailing enthusiasts will surely enjoy the boat charter in Croatia during autumn. However, marine activities enthusiasts can still enjoy themselves during this time. The sea is still comfortable for swimming, and since the sun is not so intense, you will be able to enjoy marine activities without worrying when they last applied sunscreen with a protective factor.




Sailing along the Adriatic coast in autumn has many advantages, and one of the favourites for almost all sailors is the reduced crowds. Along with less general traffic at border crossings and airports in Croatia, there is also a reduction in sea traffic. Forget waiting in line at the marina, restaurants, busy buoys and crowded coves. You will not waste your time waiting, but will spend all your time sailing. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? Guests with school-age children use school holidays and go sailing only when kids are not in school, and many guests who come to Croatia sail only during summer months. However, to perfect their skills, experienced sailors prefer to sail in September and October precisely because of the less crowded conditions and the above-mentioned perfect weather conditions. This period is perfect not only for relaxing and exploring new destinations throughout Croatia, but also for experiencing the thrill of sailing. Without having to fight for the last berth in the marina or for the last buoy in the bay, you can truly enjoy sailing during your vacation.




Oh yes, and in terms of costs, it feels like the summer is over. No matter when you book your boat, autumn prices will be lower than those during summer. But sometimes it's not a bad idea to wait to the last-minute, as autumn months bring many discounts as well, so you can still get an excellent price for the boat for the upcoming autumn! You will surely find something for yourself! But not everything is about price – there are also more ships available. The choice of boat during autumn last-minute offers is much better than during summer. We believe your ideal boat is still available, so hurry up!

If you decide to take an autumn vacation, the total cost of your holiday could almost halve! How? In addition to finding and booking a cheaper boat, there will be lower costs for berths in marinas, as well as buoys and tickets for national and nature parks. You will still be able to enjoy the natural beauty, just as during summer, but with less fuss – less hustle and lower expenses.




There are generally many beautiful places along the coast where you can eat delicious traditional Mediterranean food. As mentioned above, the crowds are much smaller, and you won't have to fight for the last table at the restaurant or wait in line. On the islands, restaurants are open during the sailing season. However, if you decide to sail in October, be sure to check working hours before heading to a restaurant. Also, before embarking on an autumn sailing trip, we recommend that you plan your itinerary, so you don't have a lot of idle time, and look for the right spots only when you're on the road.

Train your sailing skills in extremely favourable weather conditions, and enjoy swimming in calm and peaceful coves. Explore the charming Dalmatian towns during September and October, and discover a completely different scenery. Don't miss this beautiful part of the year for adventurous sailing and evening relaxation on deck with a glass of red wine.