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Sailing holiday in Croatia – How to prepare yourself?


How do you imagine sailing holiday? Just like a relaxing experience or an adrenaline adventure? You would like to try it, but you feel uncomfortable with getting yourself into an unknown area?

Croatian beautiful coast is ideal for sailing. Great climate conditions and the exceptionally indented coast with its numerous islands and islets make Croatia a perfect choice for sailing. When it comes to sailing, we shouldn't mix up sailing as a sport and recreational sailing activity. However, they have one thing in common. Sailing in Croatia will be enjoyable for both; adrenaline junkies who prefer fast winds and those who want to spend their vacation by relaxing while easy sailing, swimming or just wasting their quality time with friends and family.

Most of the people who have never been on sailing vacation before have a completely wrong idea about the meaning of sailing holiday in general. You have to know that offers in Croatia are mostly all about bareboat charter or skippered charter. Generally, that means that you'll rent a boat primarily for 7 or more days, and you'll plan your sailing route by yourself or in agreement with your skipper.

In case you've never been to a sailing trip, but you would like to do it, here we bring you some valuable tips to make your holiday just as you imagine it, no matter how many questions or doubts you have.



It's all about preparation

You've decided to spend your next holiday sailing in Croatia with your family or friends. You know the exact number of the crew and how many berths you need. Don't forget a place for your skipper if you hire him/her! J

Pick the boat that suits your budget and define the period of your holiday. While picking the right time for your holiday, you have to know that preseason (March, April, and May) is more for those who want to experience authentic sailing, when there's a lot of wind that will fill sails of your boat. Sea temperatures are only for the bravest, but you'll be able to enjoy sailing without worrying about the crowd in bays or marinas. Also, prices of charter services are lower in preseason than in high season.

The high season (end of the June, July, and August) brings a lot of sea and sun pleasures but also crowded bays and marinas together with higher prices of charter services. Postseason (September, October) is reserved for those who want to enjoy in relaxing sailing holiday. Some people think that September is the best month to completely experience as it has a warm sea, enough sun and no more crowds at sea. That's the main reason why periods in September are first which will be booked. So, if you want to sail in September be sure to book your boat on time!




How to plan sailing route

As you've already decided to go on a sailing holiday in Croatia, you have to know something about the destination and have an idea which parts of it you want to visit. Have in mind how many available days you have, so you can calculate the farthest destination in your sailing route. The best recommendation about reachable daily miles comes from your skipper. Don’t be too ambitious and give yourselves many miles to travel in one day, and you’re on vacation after all!

Pick a route that will satisfy your necessity to relax in nature, e.g., sailing through The Kornati national park or diving in the crystal clear sea. Maybe you prefer to visit some trendy places with rich nightlife like Hvar, for example. In each case, plan your route according to your wishes and balance it with your real possibilities.



Don’t overload yourselves

Please note that the boat has limited storage space. Some people wear a lot of unnecessary things that then only make them nervous during a trip and ruin their experience. With required documents, money, and medicines you should generally bring with you useful things that you may need. When it comes to clothing, adjust it to the expected weather conditions. When you are at sea, it's always colder than on land, especially at night. Check the forecast shortly before departure and if severe weather is to be announced, take water-tight clothing with you. The footwear must be comfortable and not slippery. Do not forget sun protection crèmes and good sunglasses. Lighter or white clothes are recommended as well as warmer clothes such as pullovers or slim jackets for colder nights.



But, where and what to eat?

The vast majority of charter companies rent their boats with very well equipped kitchens so that you can adequately prepare your meals on board. You can also order groceries in advance, and they will wait for you delivered on your rented boat. Our recommendation is to plan which meals you will prepare on board and take in consideration the dinners at restaurants in some of the places you will visit on your route. Keep in mind that in most areas on the coast you can get fresh foods, homemade products as well as freshly caught fish.

After all, the most important thing is to have a good company and to participate in planning your vacation together. If you need any further assistance while planning your sailing holiday in Croatia or you need further advice, please feel free to contact us on info@sailcity.com and our experienced staff will give you the best information.




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