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Visit the Fair of Rab in July, the three-day medieval annual fair where inhabitants of the Rab Island revive their rich and famous history.

If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the dolphins, a protected species due to their rarity, when navigating between the smaller islands from Cres to Lošinj

A unique island experience!

What is a must-see?

The oldest Adriatic tourist town of Opatija, boasting shingle and sandy beaches and beautiful walking trails, is situated below the Učka Nature Park.

Lošinj Island astounds visitors with its crystal clear sea, coniferous forests and beautiful beaches. The unique island experience between the islands of Cres and Lošinj is also conjured up by the most researched group of dolphins in Croatia.


Nautical adventure guidebook

  • Visit the Fair of Rab in July, the three-day medieval annual fair where inhabitants of the Rab Island revive their rich and famous history.
  • When on the northern side of the Rab Island, be sure to also stop at the well-known paradise beach of Lopar.
  • Do not overlook the town of Rijeka, which offers a rich range of cultural and historical sites, churches, temples and museums.
  • History enthusiasts should also visit Cres Island, where the streets full of renaissance palaces of noble families, remains of ancient cities and early Christian Church describe life in past times.
  • All water sports enthusiasts should visit the "gold" Krk Island with the Krk Sports and Recreational Centre.
  • If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the dolphins, a protected species due to their rarity, when navigating between the smaller islands from Cres to Lošinj.
  • Nature enthusiasts should visit Susak Island, where asphalt roads and automobiles are nowhere to be seen. The island is famous for its extremely clear sea, sandy beaches and incredible biodiversity.


This list is by no means complete. During your sailing holiday in Croatia, you can combine this and much more. If you need assistance for planning your perfect sailing route in Croatia we’re here to help you.




13 bases


  • Marina Punat

    130 boats available
    45.02859 14.62895
    The marina lies on the south-western side of Krk Island in the naturally protected bay of Punat. An even smaller marina, Marina Ladžica, which offers additional moorings, can be found within the Punat town marina.
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  • Marina Admiral

    0 boats available
    45.31271 14.28563
    Marina Opatija is situated in the immediate vicinity of the town of Opatija, more precisely in the village of Ičići.
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  • ACI Marina Šimuni

    0 boats available
    44.44380 15.05540
    The marina is situated in the small coastal village of Šimuni. Entrance to the marina is marked with a green lighthouse. The marina is only 11 km from the town of Pag.
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  • Mali Lošinj

    13 boats available
    44.54484 14.46102
    The marina is situated on the northern coast of the Mali Lošinj Bay in the vicinity of the Privlaka Passage.
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  • Marina Novi

    0 boats available
    You can sail from the west direction, north of the Green Lighthouse (with Bl 3s 8m 2m), which is located at the end of the marina. Vessels may be lashed on inside the breakwater, where is available 15 moorings.
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  • Malinska, Krk

    1 boats available
    45.126292 14.526285
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  • Rapoca Nerezine

    0 boats available
    44.53158 14.47204
    This is a small marina situated in the town of Nerezine on Lošinj Island.
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  • Novalja

    0 boats available
    44.55618 14.88542
    Novalja is a tourist center and the main port of the island of Pag.
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  • ACI Marina Rab

    0 boats available
    44.75992 14.76168
    The marina lies on the eastern side of the town of Rab. The town is known for its town walls. Entrance into the marina is marked with a lighthouse.
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  • Luka Punat

    4 boats available
    45.02859 14.62895
    Marina Punat is located on the southern part of the island of Krka in a naturally protected bay called Puntarska Darling, in the immediate vicinity of the small seaside town of Punat. Marina Punat offers an exceptionally good offer and was bound for the best marina in Croatia in the year 2008. Marina also wearing the blue flag of the top marine for many years.
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