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Dalmacija Dubrovnik

Be sure not to overlook the Mljet National Park, renowned for its freshwater and salt lakes Malo jezero and Veliko jezero (small and big lake), where you can cool off during the summer months.

Navigate towards the Pelješac Peninsula, the second largest peninsula in the Adriatic, or bathe in the Divna Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic.

The romantic pearl of the Adriatic!

What is a must-see?

The city of Dubrovnik, described by Bernard Shaw as heaven on Earth, boasts a rich historic tradition, with a majestic part being the preserved old city wall, 1940 m in length, which is protected by UNESCO. A stroll through town also offers an amazing view of medieval blossoming gardens, modest convents, stone palaces, renaissance depictions and gardens full of sub-tropical vegetation.

Be sure not to overlook the Mljet National Park, renowned for its freshwater and salt lakes Malo jezero and Veliko jezero (small and big lake), where you can cool off during the summer months.


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  • The Dubrovnik Summer Festival and Dubrovnik’s independent filmmaker festival, the Libertas Film Festival, are a must-see in July and August.
  • The most southerly and easterly of the more significant Croatian Adriatic islands and also the greenest, island of Mljet is covered in a mass of pine forests. With volcanic origin, the island has many chasms and gorges including two inland saltwater lakes, the 12th-century Benedictine Monastery located in the inlet of Lake Veliko Jezero and a National Park in the north. The legend says that Odysseus spent time on the island on his return from the Trojan War - a total of seven years - entranced by the island and nymph Calypso’s beauty. Walking around the lakes and a boat ride to the Monastery will be a fantastic respite in nature. The water in lakes is warm enough to swim in even in October.
  • Visit the town of Korčula, the birth place of Marco Polo, one of the best preserved medieval cities in the Adriatic.
  • Don’t overlook the most recent natural park on Lastovo Island, renowned among other things as an island of music, where you can attend the Alternative Urban Music Festival in August. This is the only festival in Croatia, staged in the heart of a national park, intended for all nature, adventurism and ecological tourism enthusiasts.
  • Visit the Elaphiti Islands or Deer Archipelago, made up of fourteen islands, each enchanting in its own exceptional way. Those interested in active sports can become acquainted with the Elaphites through walks, scuba diving or swimming, or can even try the many available cycling routes.
  • Navigate towards the Pelješac Peninsula, the second largest peninsula in the Adriatic, or bathe in the Divna Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic.
  • When near the vicinity of Lastovo, visit the Sušac Island and climb to Emperor Franz Josef’s lighthouse, which at its highest point, 100 metres above sea level, offers a magnificent panoramic view.


This list is by no means complete. During your sailing holiday in Croatia, you can combine this and much more. If you need assistance for planning your perfect sailing route in Croatia we’re here to help you.


10 bases


  • ACI Marina Dubrovnik

    328 boats available
    42.66967 18.12831
    The marina is situated at Komolec, approximately 2 NM from the entrance of the Port of Gruž and only 6 km from the old town center of Dubrovnik. The water in the marina is cooler due to the nearby river source.
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  • ACI Marina Korčula

    0 boats available
    42.95000 17.11667
    The marina is located on Korčula Island outside the Korčula town walls. It is located in a small bay on the north-western side of the island.
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  • Marina Lumbarda

    0 boats available
    42.92199 17.16959
    Marina Lumbarda is situated on the south-eastern side of the island of Korčula.
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  • Vela Luka

    0 boats available
    Marina Vela Luka is located on the western side of the island of Korčula. It is the largest town on the island with a population of over 4500.
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  • Port Dubrovnik

    2 boats available
    42.65908 18.08665
    Cruise Port suitable for mega ships (LOA length beyond 330 m). Maximum berthing capacity for mega cruise ship: 800 m
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  • Ploče City Port

    6 boats available
    Port of Ploče is located on the Adriatic coast at mid-distance of Split and Dubrovnik.
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  • Orebič

    0 boats available
    The marina is situated in Orebič on the Pelješki cana (opposite the island of Korčula). It is intended for smaller vessels because the water depth is less than 5m.
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  • ACI Marina Slano

    20 boats available
    The ACI marina "Veljko Barbieri" (marina Slano) is located in the northeast part of the spacious Slano harbor.
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  • Gruž, Dubrovnik

    1 boats available
    42.66022 18.08588
    Marina Gruž is an idyllic little harbor situated in the city of Dubrovnik on the coastline of Croatia with immediate access to the Adriatic Sea.
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  • Marina Frapa, Dubrovnik

    9 boats available
    42.657492 18.082026
    The new Marina Frapa in Dubrovnik was officially opened in June 2019. It is located opposite the Gruž ferry port in Dalmatia Dubrovnik.
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    Cancellation conditions If borders are open and mandatory quarantine can be avoided by tests, free cancellation is not possible. In the event that the borders close before the start of your rental, partners in Croatia are ready to issue a letter of credit in the amount already paid (credit is valid for the nautical season 2021, some partners also offer credit for 2022). Partners also offer the option of credit if you are placed in mandatory quarantine and cannot take a test to avoid it. If the new term/vessel is more expensive than the originally selected one, you have to pay the difference in price. Credit can be used for a new sailboat rental exclusively within the fleet of the selected charter operator. If the new chosen date is cheaper, some charter operators refund the difference. If you wish to cancel a booking for subjective reasons (for example, fear of infection), cancellation is only possible in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the charter operator.
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