experience the aroma of truffles and exceptional wine!

What is a must-see?

The old city centre of Poreč, which to this day has preserved the urbanistic street system dating back to Roman times. When strolling through the city, visit the Euphrasian Basilica complex and Temple of Mars, the largest Roman temple in Istria. On your way, you will encounter numerous palaces and towers, which once formed part of the town wall and now serve as excellent viewing points.

When navigating be sure to turn into the Brijuni National Park, where you can relax and enjoy the wonderful nature spilling into the beautiful sea.

Nautical adventure guidebook

  • The Istria Inspirit project is ongoing throughout the entire peninsula from June until September and will take you through time with nine events, staged at historical sites.
  • The Pulj Arena staged gladiatorial combat during the period of the Roman Empire and is now used for various cultural events, mainly concerts which attract visitors.
  • The Kamenjak Cape with its numerous coves, capes, hidden corners, beaches and uninhabited islands, appears as an exotic location somewhere near the equator and is thus referred to by some as the "European Caribbean". The cape provides favourable conditions for surfing and cycling, and also favourable conditions for experienced divers wishing to discover the magical underwater world full of shipwrecks from World War I and II.
  • During your vacation, surrender to the culinary delights and taste the famous subterranean treasure of Istria: the truffle. Do not forget the home-made bread and the exquisite olive oil known as "fluid gold". Spoil your taste buds and treat yourself to a glass of delicious Istrian wine.


This list is by no means complete. During your sailing holiday in Croatia, you can combine this and much more. If you need assistance for planning your perfect sailing route in Croatia we’re here to help you.




18 bases


  • Poreč Port

    45.22603 13.59526
    The marina is situated in the northern part of the town of Poreč only 300 m from the town centre.
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  • Bunarina

    44.86662 13.84958
    The marina is situated in the vicinity of Marina Veruda only a few kilometres south of Pula.
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  • Rovinj City Port

    45.07689 13.63735
    The marina is situated only one kilometre from the town of Rovinj on the south-eastern side of the Rovinj Port.
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  • Rijeka

    45.32655 14.43914
    Sailboats are located on the pier opposite the restaurant Boonker. In the immediate vicinity are situated the train (250 m) and bus station (100 m).
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  • Tehnomont Marina Veruda

    44.84337 13.84369
    The marina is situated in the immediate vicinity of the town of Pula in the village of Peščena Uvala.
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  • ACI Marina Pomer

    44.82316 13.89791
    The marina is situated south of the village of Pomer in the north-western part of the Medulin Bay.
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  • Vrsar

    45.14875 13.60120
    The marina lies on the southern side of the Montroker Peninsula in the immediate vicinity of the town centre of Vrsar.
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  • Marina Funtana

    45.17523 13.60572
    The marina is situated on the west coast of Istria between the Vrsar and Poreč marinas. It is protected from all winds, with the exception of western and north-western winds.
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  • ACI Marina Pula

    44.87248 13.84544
    ACI Marina Pula is situated in the old city centre on the south-eastern side of the port.
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  • Novigrad

    45.31566 13.56195
    The marina is situated on the north-western side of the Istrian coast.
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