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Dalmacija Zadar

Visit the Vransko Lake, the largest lake in Croatia, which provides a wonderful experience for all bird enthusiasts and people who enjoy spending their free time in nature. For those who prefer climbing, we recommend a visit to the natural parks of Velebit and Paklenica.

The wonderful site of the Krka River merging with the sea can be viewed in the green gorge of the Krka waterfalls, where you can also bathe and cool off.

An abundance of national parks!

What is a must-see?

The ancient bell tower town of Zadar, believed to be more than three thousand years of age. A walk down the oldest street of Kalelarga, viewing a few churches, the Benedictine treasury of sacral art, the Roman forum, city gates, etc., are well worth the effort. During your sightseeing tour, listen to the sea tunes of the famous sea organ and in the evening, reserve some time to enjoy the most beautiful sunset from the ""Greetings to the Sun"" tourist point.

Unique in the Mediterranean is the island group Kornati Archipelago which boasts numerous islands with astounding forms. The 140 islands comprising an area of 70 kmare embossed with astonishingly high cliffs.


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  • Stop at the Church of St. Donatus, the symbol of Zadar, in July and August. It is the site of the St. Donatus Festival of medieval, renaissance and early baroque music.
  • Art enthusiasts will enjoy August, a month dedicated to the ongoing Zadar Snova, the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre.
  • Kornati area is often mentioned as "nautical paradise". And, in zig-zag sailing through the 89 unforgettable islands, islets and reefs in the Kornati National Park, you will test all of your nautical skills, particularly if you’re lucky enough to have good weather. In an uninhabited Kornati islands that are protected natural heritage, you will find only a few scattered typical stone houses in some well-protected bays. But do not be surprised by to find great restaurant places with exquisite food. They can be a little bit expensive, but you will eat freshly caught fish and seafood. Also, be aware that isolated places like these are limited by electricity and fresh water supply and paying for services it is possible only by cash. So isolated and protected area is an ideal option for all those who are looking for peaceful and relaxing time spent far away from city crowds. Sounds good?
  • Do not miss Nature park Telaščica which is placed in the south-eastern part of the island of Dugi Otok. The unique Telašćica Bay is the safest, most beautiful and largest natural port of the Adriatic.  25 Small beaches, the cliffs of Dugi Otok or the so-called “stene” rising to a height of 161 meters above the sea and reaching down to a depth of 90 meters, and the salt lake “Mir” with its medicinal properties.  Be sure to climb on the top of the cliffs, swim in the salt lake or snorkel in some of these beautiful bays. Within the Nature Park area there are archaeological sites in case you are searching for some knowledge of cultural heritage on the island. All of the sites are regulated, marked with information boards and have roads or footpaths that lead to them.
  • The wonderful site of the Krka River merging with the sea can be viewed in the green gorge of the Krka waterfalls, where you can also bathe and cool off.
  • Visit the Vransko Lake, the largest lake in Croatia, which provides a wonderful experience for all bird enthusiasts and people who enjoy spending their free time in nature. For those who prefer climbing, we recommend a visit to the natural parks of Velebit and Paklenica.
  • Take a ride on the panoramic train or silent electric boat and make your way through the Plitvice Lakes, which are linked with each other by waterfalls and protected by UNESCO.
  • We recommend you try the liqueur made from autochthon Dalmatian Marasca cherries, known as maraschino, and for desert partake in freshly baked fritule.


This list is by no means complete. During your sailing holiday in Croatia, you can combine this and much more. If you need assistance for planning your perfect sailing route in Croatia we’re here to help you.




13 bases


  • Marina Tankerkomerc

    260 boats available
    44.11946 15.22791
    Marina Zadar is situated in the central part of the Adriatic Coast. It is located in the city port of Zadar in the immediate vicinity of the city centre.
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  • Pakoštane

    0 boats available
    The marina provides mooring for ten vessels with a draft of no more than three meters. It is possible to reach the marina from the SE side. There are mooring moorings on the shore. It is necessary to sail between the coast and the buoy that marks the end of the shallow. Plitvice is located on the island of Sv. Justin toward the beach.
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  • Olive Island Marina

    2 boats available
    44.09640 15.17356
    Olive Island Marina is situated in the Sutomišćica Bay on the eastern side of Ugljan Island. It is the largest bay on this side of the island.
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  • Veli Rat City port

    0 boats available
    43.96686 15.09081
    The marina is situated on the northern side of the Pantera Bay beside the small village of Veli Rat.
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  • Marina Preko

    2 boats available
    44.08033 15.18735
    The marina is situated in the town of Preko on the eastern side of Ugljan Island.
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  • D – Marin Borik Zadar

    44 boats available
    44.13122 15.20954
    D - Marina Borik is located in the center of Zadar, on the west coast. Zadar Airport is only 13 km away. It has 177 berths and different services for marina users. Marina is easily accessible and has a good ferry line for Italy and for all harbors on the Croatian coast.
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  • Marina Dalmacija, Sukosan

    619 boats available
    44.05379 15.30677
    The largest marina in the Adriatic Sea lies in the northern part of Central Dalmatia in a naturally protected bay between the villages of Bibinje and Sukošan.
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  • Marina Kornati, Biograd

    563 boats available
    43.93829 15.44383
    Marina Kornati is situated in the historic town of Biograd na Moru, no more than 30 km away from Zadar. The modernly equipped marina is owned and managed by Hotel Ilirija, enabling marina guests to use the hotel’s services.
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  • Marina Šangulin, Biograd

    53 boats available
    43.93696 15.44158
    The marina is situated in the central part of the Adriatic coast in the natural peninsula bay of the town of Biograd na Moru.
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  • Marina Veli Iž

    0 boats available
    44.11728 15.22309
    Marina Veli Iž is situated in the port of the small island town of Vel Iž. It is located in the central channel between the islands of Ugljan and Dugi Otok.
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