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One of the most renowned late ancient architectural objects is the Diocletian Palace in Split, which through a series of architectural sites paves the way for early Christian, Byzantine and early medieval art.

Visit the Pakleni Islands, including numerous little islands with deep sandy bays, which feature a specific flora, which has now sprawled into a natural botanical garden.

The heart of Dalmatia!

What is a must-see?

One of the most renowned late ancient architectural objects is the Diocletian Palace in Split, which through a series of architectural sites paves the way for early Christian, Byzantine and early medieval art.

Navigate to the sunny Hvar Island, one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world.


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  • Split is the most significant city on the Adriatic Coast. The city of entertainment, gastro pleasures and vibrant nightlife in many clubs and cafes. Split has many historical sites, most of them are nestled within the walls of the 17 centuries old Diocletian’s Palace. Do not miss places like Peristil or Archaeological museum and Meštrović Gallery. Enjoy in gastro discoveries such as delicious risotto, homemade pasta, veal cheek pašticada (traditional Dalmatian stew), burgers, steaks and fish, and not to forget the vast choice of local wine-by-the-glass to wash it down. The beer selection is outstanding too.
  • Every year from mid-July to mid-August the city is hosting the summer festival, where the palace becomes a large stage where the most famous operas and musicals can be seen. Last few years the city Split, and the nearby island of Hvar are hosts of the famous Ultra music festival, so why not to let the dance vibe lead you as a part of your unforgettable sailing holiday?
  • Visit the Split Summer Theatre Festival, held between mid-July and mid-August.
  • Take a stroll around the town of Trogir, protected under UNESCO’s world heritage sites, and while there have a look at the Cathedral of St. Lawrence.
  • Hvar, the most visited island of all, offers vibrant restaurants and café life. Despite its popularity, Hvar has nevertheless maintained its authenticity. Among other attractions, Hvar hosts one of the hippest clubs in the region,' Carpe Diem'. If you sail in the peak of the season be prepared on crowded marinas and bays. Hvar main harbor lively and, from the water, you can scope out waterfront bars and restaurants. Start near the Harbour Master's building and walk around the lovely waterfront, then up to the Spanish Fortress - known as Fortica Spanjola. It's well worth the climb for the views and a beautiful place to enjoy a drink.
  • Visit the Pakleni Islands, including numerous little islands with deep sandy bays, which feature a specific flora, which has now sprawled into a natural botanical garden. We suggest having a lunch on Sveti Klement. We are sure that wine lovers will be delighted to see the vineyards placed just one meter above the sea level, the source of excellent Sveti Klement reds and whites, the fine Croatian wines.
  • Navigate your way to a safe haven, the town of Makarska, and bathe on the shingle and sandy beach of Punta Rata, which Forbes Magazine considers one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
  • Historiography enthusiasts can visit the Vis Island, renowned as one of the most important ports dating back to classical antiquity. The island of Vis has only two villages - Komiža and Vis, both on the coast retaining their centuries of old architecture.  Due the fact that in the past the island was a naval base approach to it was forbidden.  Nowadays, everyone can visit these bases on the island and meet traditions, history, cultural heritage and natural beauties of the island. You should see the Stiniva beach - thanks to its beauty; it is now revealed to the world as the best and the most beautiful beach in Europe. Visit Modra Špilja (Blue Cave), on the island of Biševo that offers you unique experience by creating a magical effect – blue glow produced by the sunshine and the sea reflection.
  • For hiking fans, we recommend visiting Brač Island, which with its Vidova Mountain (778 m) is the highest island in the Adriatic.
  • For a more peaceful and intimate experience, we recommend you visit the Šolta, Mali Drvenik and Veli Drvenik Archipelagos, which are all situated close to Port of Split.
  • Take full advantage of culinary pleasures at the ports and taste Dalmatian home-made dishes: pasticada, flat cakes, olive oil and delicious Dalmatian wines.


This list is by no means complete. During your sailing holiday in Croatia, you can combine this and much more. If you need assistance for planning your perfect sailing route in Croatia we’re here to help you.




27 bases


  • Marina Kremik

    137 boats available
    43.58632 15.92302
    Marina Kremik, situated 30 km from the city of Šibenik. It is one of the best-protected marinas in the Adriatic Sea.
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  • ACI Marina Split

    230 boats available
    43.50112 16.42991
    It is situated on the south-western side of the town port, on the northern side of the Sustipan Peninsula. Due to its position, it offers a good departure point for navigation towards the islands of Brač, Šolta and Hvar.
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  • ACI Marina Trogir

    154 boats available
    43.51329 16.24863
    It is situated on the northern side of the Ciovo Island, between the Trogir Bridge and Cape Cubrijan, opposite the town of Trogir.
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  • Stobreč Port

    1 boats available
    43.49123 16.53903
    Stobreč is a smaller port near Split.
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  • PŠU Banj

    3 boats available
    43.51458 16.25110
    Is located on the island of Čiovo.
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  • Vranjic, Split

    0 boats available
    43.53147 16.46408
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  • Port of Split

    24 boats available
    43.50095 16.42885
    It is a smaller port, located in the center of Split.
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  • Marina Kaštela

    293 boats available
    43.54904 16.38313
    The marina is situated in the Kaštel Bay in the town of Kaštel Gomilica, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the city of Split.
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  • Marina Agana

    67 boats available
    43.51410 16.10769
    The Marina Agana is situated in the middle part of the Adriatic Sea, between Split and Šibenik.
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  • Baška Voda

    13 boats available
    43.29378 17.02152
    The marina is situated in the town of Baška Voda, which is located in the southern part of the Adriatic Sea near the town of Makarska.
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  • Vinišće

    1 boats available
    43.49327 16.11325
    Vinišće is a longer bay located opposite the island of Drvenik Veli and south of the place (bay) of Marina.
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  • Marina Tučepi

    1 boats available
    43.28579 17.08938
    Marina Tučepi is a small port situated in the heart of the town of Tučepi. Entrance into the marina is possible from the south-eastern side.
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  • Marina Ramova Krvavica

    0 boats available
    43.32364 16.98359
    Marina Krvavica is situated in the village of Krvavica, which lies on the western side of the Makarska Riviera, 6 km from Baška Voda.
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  • Marina Baotić

    294 boats available
    43.51797 16.23116
    The marina is situated in the central part of the Adriatic Coast in the immediate vicinity of the town of Trogir.
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  • ACI marina Palmižana

    0 boats available
    43.16352 16.37434
    The marina is located in the Palmižana Bay on the north-western coast of the island of St. Klement, located in the Peklinski Islands archipelago south of Hvar Island.
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  • ACI Marina Vrboska/Hvar

    0 boats available
    43.18099 16.67224
    The marina is situated in the southern part of the Adriatic Sea, on the northern side of the longest Adriatic Sea island - Hvar Island.
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  • Marina Frapa, Rogoznica

    147 boats available
    43.53366 15.96795
    Marina Frapa lies between Šibenik and Split, in the town of Rogoznica in the Solineri Bay. It is suitable also for vessels exceeding 30 m in length.
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  • Rogač (Šolta)

    15 boats available
    43.39576 16.29743
    The marina is situated in the town port on the northern side of Šolta Island. Mooring is only possible on weekdays. If the marina is full, vessels can moor west of the petrol station or at the most southern tip of the port.
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  • Marina Martinis Marchi

    0 boats available
    It is a small, luxorious marina within Hotel Martinis Marchi.
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  • Marina Nava

    14 boats available
    43.50249 16.42752
    Nava marina is a small, comfortable private marina situated as the extenstion of the west coast promenade, just a 10 minutes walk from the city center.
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  • Makarska

    1 boats available
    43.30000 17.00000
    Makarska Marina is one of the largest marinas in Split region, located 0.5 nm north of the port of Makarska.
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  • Marina Zenta

    10 boats available
    43.50083 16.45867
    It is the biggest port in Split.
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  • Marina Špinut

    18 boats available
    Marina Špinut is located in the suburbs of the historic city of Split.
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  • SCT Marina Trogir

    175 boats available
    Marina Trogir is an ideal starting point to one of the most interesting cruising areas in the world, Adriatic coast. Service Center Trogir (SCT) aims to position itself as the marina of the highest category in the region offering top-quality maintenance service for all types of vessels.
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  • Maslinica

    0 boats available
    Maslinica is a small fishing village on the west side of the island of Solta. There are 50 berths for vessels up to 40 m in length. The Marina is modern equipped and has 24/7 security.
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  • Marina Lav

    20 boats available
    43.49149 16.53752
    Marina Lav ist ein wunderschöner Mittelmeerhafen und ist Teil des luxuriösen Hotelkomplexes Lav, nur wenige Kilometer von Split entfernt. Es gibt 74 Liegeplätze für Segelboote bis 40m.
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  • Marina Vlaška

    2 boats available
    43.32945 16.43884
    Marina Vlaška is a small privately-owned marina located just 15-minute walk away from the picturesque small town of Milna on the western coast of Brač Island. It has three pontoons with 71 berths for yachts up to 20 m long. The bay itself is very tranquil and quiet, surrounded with pine trees and protected from the wind. Marina Vlaška is open all year round.
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