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Winter is around the corner, slowly approaching with each day getting colder and colder, but all you do is the sipping out the tea and waiting for a little bit of the sun! While you're slowly hibernating, we say that now is the right time to start planning your next sailing vacation! Why? Except having larger boat choice, you will also grab a good price offers and have plenty of time to design a perfect sailing route for you and your crew. Do we have your attention?



We have already written a lot about boats and prices, but as it is said: repetitio est mater studiorum, - early booking discount is still on! Talking about destinations, we've decided to set sail towards the south, taking into consideration our, already tailored, route Biograd – Vis – Primošten – Biograd! All our routes were designed as an ideal proportion of sailing and enjoying in the beauties on the southern Adriatic. That is how we've created your perfect active vacation in Croatia!

We are still placed at, for you, already known location, in Biograd na Moru. Biograd is located in the central part of the Adriatic, which is an ideal starting point for exploring either the northern or southern part of the Adriatic Sea. Let's say you came too early in our marina and did not know what to do while you're waiting for the check-in. Of course, you can always sit in the nearest coffee shop, but trust us, there are much better ways to shorten the waiting time. For example, you can visit the biggest lake in Croatia! Vransko Lake, which is only 10 km away from our base, will be interesting for both; children and adults. Or you can visit the Fun Park, only 5 km away from our base. And only for a few additional Euros you'll be making an excursion to remember for a long time. You can also rent bicycles or kayak,  see, learn or try something new!


But, let's go sailing!



1.Day Biograd – Vrgada

Let you're long - awaited vacation on a sailing yacht begin with a sailing trip towards Vrgada. The island with golden sand, 6 Nm away from our base, is often characterized as peaceful and quiet. It is an ideal place to forget the time and calendar and start your sailing vacation the way you deserve. Relaxed and stress less.

2.Day Vrgada – Primošten

The second day is the sailing day! Feel your sailing yacht's exquisite performances, catch the wind in your sails and let the adrenaline flow through your veins. Primošten is located 28 NM from Vrgada, but while you sail towards it, you'll go past a few small islands worth of seeing. Don't just pass through, make a stop by in one of the bays perfect for swimming and having lunch and then proceed towards Primošten! If you want to go out for dinner, Primošten is an ideal place to take an evening walk and dinner. Spend the night in the marina Kremik, get your boat supplied with electricity, water, and food you'll need on your way to the island of Vis.




3.Day Primošten – Komiža (the island of Vis)

The next destination is the town of Komiža on the island of Vis. Are you ready for 36 Nm of sailing? You will need about 6 hours to get to this destination, which is ideal to call this type of vacation as an active one. Komiža is one stunning Dalmatian city, located on the west side of the island of Vis, and well known as a backdrop for the Mamma Mia 2 movie.  You can anchor either in the middle of a bay or right next to the coast. For all the people who like to satisfy their taste buds, we would recommend you try one of the Vis' food specialties; Viška pogača. And if you feel a bit historically intrigued, you'll have an opportunity to see an old, abandoned, but preserved military bases, that will tickle your imagination. These bases and objects can be found throughout the whole island, so not visiting them would be like missing the Eiffel Tower when in Paris.

4.Day Vis – the island of Biševo – Maslinica (the island of Šolta)

Have your breakfast rapidly and before the tide, visit the Blue Grotto (Modra špilja), which is located on the small island of Biševo, on the southwestern side from Komiža. The Blue Grotto is one of the most famous attractions on the Adriatic, and the secret lies within the gorgeous light effect, created by the holes on the ceiling and by the opening in the sea. After a short trip and swimming, spread your sails and head to the island of Šolta (28NM). Spend the night in the Martinis Marchi Marina located in Maslinica and visit the castle Marchi, once built to defend from the pirates and nowadays, simply a breathtaking place to dine. Meet the magic of small Dalmatian places!

Extra advice: If you take the southern side of the island of Vis on your sailing route, you'll go past many bays including the most famous one – Stiniva bay!



5.Day Šolta – Primošten

As we've already spent five days, it's about the time to head towards the north. You can spend the night in Primošten, and it will take you 20NM or about 3 hours of sailing. You can also get refreshed in one of the many bays around the area of Rogoznica. Our recommendation is also to anchor in the beautiful blue lagoon near the islands of Drvenik Veli and Drvenik Mali.

6.Day Primošten – Vrgada



Vrgada as the last destination! Why? To enjoy your last day in the beauties of the Adriatic coast, to listen to the sound of the sea and wind while easily swinging on your sailing yacht. Vrgada is the island without the cars, and you can have dinner in one of two restaurants with all the traditional meals. It is known as the island of fishermen, seagulls, and cats. This island, as the last destination, is a true cherry on the top of your route cake. The rest for soul and body is guaranteed before coming back to reality!

 7.Day Vrgada – Biograd

After the early morning coffee, it's time to get your sailing yacht back in Biograd. Mostly you must leave your vessel up to 9 am, in order to have the staff prepare it for the new guests. Do not forget to fill the fuel tank.

The last vacation days are always sad, but time flies fast and another working year will pass quickly and then we will see you again. Till then, read our blogs, follow our web page and be with us in your thoughts!

Until next time!




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