Mark Twain, an American author eloquently said “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

So ask yourself, do you yearn for that feeling?



All the people who own sailing yacht, or only those who just had some sailing experience, can agree that certain things, like sailing out at sea, the irresistible boat call, enjoying your solitude, are all familiar to them.

But, some other people, those who still don’t own their boat, can hardly understand the magic of boat owning and sailing.  Are you one of them?

If yes, let us describe you that feeling for at least one moment and explain to you why is owning a boat one great choice.

The most common reason why people refuse (or can’t decide) to buy a boat are expenses that come with owning a toy like this one, but the real reason is that people are afraid of unknown. What they are terrified of is that they’ll make a mistake by buying a wrong boat, paying too much for it, ending up in a sea accident or they’ll be able to deal with maintenance services. These are all unreal fears if you have someone to consult you, someone whose profession is to maintain boats and him/she has been doing it for ages-than you should have no fear. It’s straightforward to let someone else take care about it, to someone like a yacht charter management company and all your worries are gone.



If we talk only about the human aspect of thoughts and opinions contrary to established ones, owning a boat is a significant investment. Why? Because the more time you spend on the boat, the more you’ll feel relaxed, so you’ll dedicate more quality time to all your responsibilities. At the end of your sailing trip, you will be full of patience and understanding for all the stressful job situations you go through in your everyday life. Fair trade, right?

After one tour/route spent on your boat, responsibilities in our stressful and busy life will seem much more comfortable, and suddenly all these long meetings and reports you usually have to do won’t look that awful.

On the other hand, if we talk about family, owning a boat can help to get closer to and spending more quality time with your family. Whether you want to get more close to your stubborn teenager or you want to find a way to engrave communion values to your kids’ heads, the boat will help you. Yes, they’re probably going to complain why they have to do this and that ( like always do), but at the end of the day they’ll feel satisfied when you, after swimming and dining, sit on the cockpit and play cards together. Only you and your family, stress less, without any disturbing moment.

In case you have some friends that already own a boat, then you definitely must've heard their stories how they’d passed it on their one day trip or sailing summer vacation on the Adriatic coast. You must have noticed the spark in their eyes and passion while retelling their experiences. Having a boat means having adventures, having memories, experiencing new things and sharing it gladly with your friends. Trust us, when we say that there’s nothing more beautiful than spending a few days on the boat with friends. To laugh, enjoy and collect memories that’ll stay for a lifetime.

What makes boats exceptionally beautiful is that you practically have a house that goes everywhere with you. You can have both the comfort and the possibility to explore new places and experience new things. Most of our boats are for several-day stay and are fully equipped with devices and brand new technologies. Owning a boat is even much better! Imagine having a terrace where you can lay all day long, but with different scenery view each day and night. You can change your neighbors whenever you want, and with surroundings that suits your mood. If you want happy and vivid atmosphere, no problem, you know which location suits you the best. If you’re in a romantic mood, you have a special place for that.




So, if you don’t have a boat, maybe it’s the right time to get one. If you still feel troubled by many confusions and have unreal fears from the beginning of our story, then we invite you to read the first sentence of this article again.

Has sense, right?