Every experienced sailor knows how to get ready for sailing. They know which things on the boat they should pay attention to. But, no matter how prepared you are sometimes, some unpredictable sailing situations hit you when less expected. When that happens, the most important thing is how experienced you are and capable of dealing with it.

But, not everything is always just black and white, and there are some essential things you should check to avoid unpleasant situations on board. According to our experience in the yacht charter business, there are some mistakes skippers sometimes do. Here we bring you five mistakes every skipper should avoid.



 Mistake nr.1

Catch a Rope With a Propeller

Whether you’ve caught your rope, came across some loose rope somewhere on the sea or you’ve just picked mooring, this mistake can cost you loss of your nerves, money and even your holiday. To avoid this mistake before leaving marina you should, always, check that your ropes have been properly folded on board. Also, take into consideration that mooring lines are on the safe distance from the propeller. While sailing out of the marina, it’s important to maneuver boat properly keeping it on a safe distance from mooring lines.




Mistake nr.2

Batteries Fully Discharged

Most sailing and motor boats for charter in Croatia are equipped with engine and service battery. To have a peaceful and quiet holiday in some hidden bay, you’ll need charged batteries to make different boat devices properly function. Not paying enough attention to this can lead you to have fully discharged batteries and make enabling them again impossible. In that case, you will need to call assistance from yacht charter company and lose your precious holiday time. To avoid these situations to happen, always pay attention to your batteries’ condition and have in mind to use main electricity consumers economically.



Mistake nr.3.

Not Checking Seacocks

Seacocks on the boat have their role. It is essential to know where to find them on board and what they are for. There are inlet and outlet seacocks. Some of them must be closed during sailing to avoid boat being filled with water. It is necessary to know that seacock for engine cooling must be opened by engine starting, to prevent impeller being damaged.


Mistake nr.4

Not Checking Water Tanks

Check out water tanks always before sailing out of the marina. It is recommended to be done shortly before sailing out to be sure to have fresh water on board on disposal. Another possible mistake when it comes to checking out water tanks is mixing up water and diesel entrance slots which can lead to filling water into your diesel tank. To avoid this situation and losing your time and money always carefully check signs above entrance slots.


Mistake nr.5

Pushing Your Anchor Windlass Over the Limits

It is well known that for proper boat anchoring, you must drop three lengths of your current depth of anchoring chain. But, when it comes to lifting the string out of the sea, you can face a problem. The most usual mistake is to push anchor windlass over the limits. What does it mean? That means, while pulling the chain out, your anchor windlass shouldn’t do the whole job by itself. You’ll have to help it by maneuvering the engine in chain’s direction. In that way you’ll avoid anchor winch being overheated, the fuse being blown or even, the damage caused on anchor windlass transition. So, just take it slow and easy while pulling the chain out.

These are just some of the most usual and easily avoidable mistakes on board. You’ll ensure a relaxing and carefree holiday to your crew by considering all these mistakes and taking care they don’t ever happen.